Saturday, 15 August 2009

An Arab, an Iranian and a neo Nazi all go into a bar...

Sounds like a bad joke, eh? Ironically enough, I've realised how Hamas (Arab Islamists currently in charge of Palestine), Ayatollah Khamenei (Azeri Islamist currently in charge of Iran) and the members of Stormfront (White supremacist internet community) are all very similar to each other.

Let me explain. The Seattle Times reports that one of Hamas' most senior members Khaled Mashaal has said "We [Hamas] are definitely not worried about the relationship with Iran or the support that Iran offers us." He certainly hopes so, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been supplying Hamas with weapons and $150 million a year, and staunchly defends it, more so than any other country in the Middle East. All of this to a group which has carried out over a decade's worth of suicide attacks on Israeli civilians. Mashaal has also stated that Hamas will "never recognise Israel" and seems firmly against negotiations and a peace process.

Along with the annual donation of $200m to Hezbollah, and various gifts given to other terrorists, sorry, "freedom fighters", the government of the Islamic Republic is giving quite a hefty amount of Iran's income to foreign groups. Still, it's not as if the Iranian people need it, only a third of them live below the poverty line and it's not like Iran has an opium addiction problem that affects four million people or anything...the Islamic Republic's leaders obviously figured that $350 million dollars wouldn't help overcome Iran's societal ills at all...

But then again, Mashaal would rather rob Iran's people of their money, and Khamenei is only too willing to give it away in the hope that Hamas finally "remove the cancerous tumour of Israel". But where do our redneck friends at Stormfront fit into the equation? Well, amusingly enough they agree with Mashaal and Khamenei, whom they are lionising, though one of their members laments the fact that "it is a sad state of affairs when a non white race is one of our best allies against the jew while our own government enables and then protects them."

It is quite funny how fascists, whether American, Arab or Iranian all seem to agree with eachother, deep down. At the end of they day, if Khamenei really cared for the plight of the Palestinian people, he would try and urge diplomacy and negotiation as the way forward in the conflict. Instead he gives the Iranian people's money to a violent, terrorist organisation who have no plans for a peaceful solution and who will only prolong the suffering, whilst at the same time Iranian society languishes in its own quagmire of problems. The ultimate losers, as always, are civilians, both Palestinian and Iranian who are paying for the idiocy of their respective governments.

A more amusing way of looking at the Islamic Republic's stance toward Israel/Palestine

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  1. Good post.

    You know whats even more worrying for Iran? It seems that the isolation that Hamas has suffered because of the united (you know bar Iran) front against has caused Hamas support to go down rapidly:

    37% support Abbas and 12% for Haniyeh
    46% would vote for Fatah, Hamas 11% and 10% for other factions. if elections were held tomorrow

    So essentially, Iran is propping up unpopular party which doesn't want peace. Where's the propaganda line of 'legitimacy' going to go?


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