Monday, 31 August 2009

Interview with a Kahrizak detainee

The following interview was conducted by Human Rights Activists in Iran, it is a discussion with an ex-detainee at the infamous Kahrizak prison where many of the Islamic Republic's tortures, rapes and eventual murders are carried out. The prisoners are not charged and have no access to a lawyer. The interview describes in some detail the ways in which this hell sent Mullah regime tortures people relentlessly, including threatening to rape the prisoner's family members. An excerpt from the interview:

Q: What techniques were being used to extract confession from the detainees?

A: In my own case they were using my family and my son to put pressure on me. In one of the interrogation sessions they showed me footage of my son in one of the streets of Tehran. I was told by the interrogator that they had my son in custody and would rape him if I didn’t confess. After seeing the footage I lost control and started screaming. I begged them not to harm my son. I was then beaten by baton until I fainted and was taken back to the container.

All night long we could hear the screams of other detainees who were being pressured to confess. We could hear them say under torture;” For god’s sake please stop beating”; “I will confess to anything you want me to”. This would go on until morning.

At times they would take us 5 at a time and beat us to the point of us fainting. My right ear lobe was torn under torture and there are bruises on my body that were caused by beatings with baton. I have to add that we were beaten by baton at least three times a week and were interrogated on a daily basis. During my 58 days of detention I was interrogated 58 times...

Cases like this are not unheard of or isolated, incidents similar to this happen routinely in the Islamic Republic, yet sadly the world carries on appeasing these satanic Mullahs.

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  1. Protester commits suicide"
    Very disturbing

    The text on this YouTube video states that a young protester in Isfahan commits suicide immediately after his provisional discharge. "He was chased, and threw himself off the pedestrian bridge... He prefered to die rather than experience again the nightmare of iranian prison..." The acute state of grief of the father is gut wrenching.

    This is what SZ supports. I wonder if the Isralie do these horrific acts against their own citizens.

  2. All I have to say is: :(

    And Anon: Palestinians are tortured in prisons. I don't think they go as far as raping anyone. There are reports from B'tselem which are for the most part, pretty reliable about what happens.


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