Monday, 10 August 2009

Protestors "savagely raped" in Iranian prisons

Yet more disturbing news coming from the usual suspects in the Islamic Republic of Iran, this time evidence has come to light that many of the poor folk arrested for protesting over the past few weeks are being subject to "savage" rape in prison. The Associated Press reports that Mehdi Karroubi has obtained information that detained protestors, both male and female are being subject to rape in such a way that "their genitals were damaged" and that others were "suffer[ing] from depression and serious physical and mental damage." He then goes on to say that "such crimes, if proven true, would disgrace Iran's Islamic ruling system".

Personally, I do not doubt that these crimes took place, the Islamic Republic has a long tradition of employing torture and rape in its prisons as a means of keeping the Iranian people terrified of speaking out against the Mullah's illegitimate dictatorship. You may have heard of the tragic case of Taraneh Mousavi who was arrested by plain clothes Basijis a few weeks ago after participating in protests, then taken to a torture house and raped in such a way that she was hospitalised due to "rupturing of her womb and anus". She was then removed from hospital, killed and her burned body was found a few days later in a desert to the west of Tehran.

Sadly cases like this are but a drop in the ocean of realities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in which this type of brutality is simply a part of the "justice" system. In fact, the rape of female prisoners is carried out routinely in Iranian prisons because of the warped theocratic legal system which forbids the killing of female virgins (since they're supposed to gain automatic entry to heaven, according to Islamic dogma). So female prisoners are "married" to prison guards, then raped and even more sickeningly, the prison guard who raped the woman often meets her family afterward with a box of sweets and marriage certificate and introduces himself as their "son in law".

This type of medievalist thinking truly epitomises the backward and barbaric nature of the Islamic Republic and only reinforces the case of the need for secularism within Iran. When government and jurisprudence is run off the instructions of a 1400 year old book, this type of thing is bound to happen. And with the lack of democracy and the Islamic Republic being an authoritarian police state, the Iranian people are powerless to liberate themselves from this theocracy.

Most Westerners are unaware of these sorts of goings on within the Islamic Republic so it is important that the inhumane filth who run Iran are exposed for the tyrannical dictators which they are. The more people that read about this sort of thing, the more the Regime will face isolation, so please spread the word and support the Iranian people.

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