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Spotlight: Darius Guppy

So to work!

The first thing to make clear is that all across Britain today, various groups promote and propagate the Mullah agenda, in our newspapers, on our TV, in our universities, in our Parliament and so on.

The first case to bring to light is that of Darius Guppy, a convicted fraudster and one time friend of London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Mr Guppy published a rather interesting piece for the Independent yesterday, titled: Here in Iran, we look with horror at the country that Britain has become. Note the optimal sensationalism used in the title, frankly it promises to deliver it all: paranoid, judgemental Iranians sniffing disapprovingly at the West. By the title alone you could guess that the article is filled with a diatribe on the decadence and moral corruption of British culture, the sort of thing which would make Ayatollah Khamenei nod in approval. And you'd have guessed correctly. Read on.

Mr Guppy begins by being shocked at the possibility that "devout men like Ahmadinejad and Khamenei...should have engaged in such an un-Islamic conspiracy as cheating their own people". Already there was a faint whiff of George Galloway-esque adulation about the article. But we persevere. For Mr Guppy's information, these so called "devout" men have spent nearly two months sanctioning the killing protestors of in Iran, putting protestors on Soviet style show trials en-masse; including a visiting French academic. Hardly the pursuits of "devout" men. And that's just in the past few weeks, we're not even going into the atrocities of the past 30 years of the Islamic Republic.

Guppy goes on to remark that "Evidence is required; hand-in-the-till-captured-live-on-video type evidence" [of electoral fraud]. Is this guy for real? In a country which regularly uses militias to beat up its citizens and where bloggers are killed for opposing Khamenei, this guy expects electoral transparency? Out of interest Mr Guppy when has there ever been "live on video evidence" of electoral fraud, in any country? Do you really expect to see Khamenei sitting at his desk twiddling the result? By your argument electoral fraud must never happen!

Guppy continues, apparently to have evidence of fraud a "whistleblower with a blacked-out face claiming he was paid by the authorities to empty ballot boxes and refill them with voting slips he was handed" ought to be involved somewhere. Not quite, politics is rarely that simplistic and Hollywood-esque. Though when even the ultra conservative Guardian Council admits voting irregularities in 50 cities, it ought to send alarm bells ringing that probably fraud did occur.

For those already baffled, there's yet more to come, Guppy priggishly announces that containment of evidence of wrongdoing against the Mullah regime is impossible as "truth has an uncomfortable habit of getting out". Well, quite. Which is why for the past 30 years the truth has been coming out, in droves in fact, the most obvious example being the unprecedented amount of accounts of recent protests in Iran being beamed to us via Twitter or YouTube in recent weeks, which the Iranian government has relentlessly tried to block the world from seeing. If that's not evidence enough for Mr Guppy of the truth then he needs to re-evaluate what he means by a "proper smoking gun".

The bizarreness continues as Guppy concludes that since there's no fingerprinting in Iran's airports, therefore the government must be top notch, then going on to imply that the UK is a "police state". Maybe Guppy's wife could walk around downtown Tehran without a hejab and see what happens. Perhaps then he'll get an appreciation of which country is a police state, and which isn't.

Guppy then begins to fall back on the tired and overused clich├ęs of Ahmadinejad supporters, for example "Iran's workers are largely in favour of Mr Ahmadi Nejad". Right, of course they are. This hero of the working classes, Mr Ahmadinejad didn't happen to sanction the imprisonment of bus driver union activists in Iran over the past few weeks did he? That's right of course he did. Mr Ahmadinejad, hero of the working classes, also the same man with a billionaire cabinet with the likes of Interior Minister Mahsouli who has a very working class, er, mansion.

Guppy then starts on Britain by moaning about cultural decadence, the "urban hell" it has become. He is seemingly oblivious to the fact that the average age of prostitutes in Iran has dropped from 27 to 20 during the Islamic Republic's tenure or that the number of opium addicts is 4 million in a country of 70 million. Urban hell may indeed exist in Britain, though at least our government attempts to help us overcome this hell

He then goes on to bewail the hypocrisy of the West, "how many billions of Toumans are pumped into destabilising your regimes?" Well that's an interesting question but is easily answered because since last year the $200 million given to Hezbollah by the Iranian government and the 3000 Hezbollahi fundementalist fighters trained by Iran are all being used to destabilise democratic regimes, namely that of Israel's.

Guppy concludes and no doubt collects his cheque from the Iranian Embassy. I am being flippant, but frankly this entire article could have been created by one of Ahmadinejad's speechwriters. It smacks of cheap Islamic Republic propaganda, the type that lures gullible Western readers who have no knowledge of the links I've posted into actually believing that Guppy and his vile article are representative of the Iranian nation.

I chose to begin my blog with this post, as it emphasises the challenge ahead. The Islamic Republic and its lackies have infiltrated Britain well, it is no longer a case of a bearded Ayatollah rants and raves in Iran and we shrug it off. Their propaganda machine has arrived and is trying to recruit you into believing what they want, or worse making you indifferent to the Iranian people's right to freedom and democracy under the guise of "cultural relativism".

P.S Chris Green's piece is worth a read, his article puts Guppy into perspective. Then again Guppy's grandfather taught Khomeini, is it surprising that Guppy is such a Mullah stooge?

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  1. Arash, well done my friend. It was a good response to Guppy's article. I am glad the Independent published his letter and his response because it just goes to show how stupid this regime really is. Their propoganda is so transparent and the more they write the more laughable their position becomes. It doesn't surprise me that Guppy is supporting the regime - it takes one fraudster to know another! An easy buck for him ....and a sell out to his own country.

  2. Amir, your point about one fraudster knowing another is really very truthful, whether fraud involves jewels (like Guppy's did) or election results like the Mullah's does, it is all the same. Thanks for that comment.

  3. Outstanding article. No doubt the likes of Galloway will triumph Guppy's article against the 'Zionist Media' and ignore responding to its refutations.


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