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What does Iran mean by "peace and stability"?

It's well known that the Islamic Republic of Iran is against the idea of a peace process occurring between Palestinians and Israelis. But just in case any of you thought that Iran is against any peace in the Middle East, in an apparent burst of pacifism Foreign Ministry spokesman Hassan Qashqavi is calling for a "political solution" to the Yemeni conflict, insisting that “We [Iran] always respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Yemen and believe in peace and stability in the region,” going on to state that "bloodshed" would not solve Yemen's problems.

Sounds good so far, I hear many of you thinking "thank god Iran isn't meddling in yet another nation's affairs again", but unsurprisingly the immoral nature of the Islamic Republic will always shine through. I wonder how Qashqavi manages to reconcile the Islamic Republic's peace seeking exhortation with the fact that not only is Iran funding and arming the rebels, and deepening the conflict, but is further proposing that the rebels be given sanctuary in Iraq!

It goes without saying that the situation in Yemen is very distressing, since over 100000 people have been displaced by the fighting, in a disadvantaged country which has already been through many years of civil war. But what's really quite shameful is that whilst Iran's leaders regularly wail about the suffering of Palestinians at the hands of Israel, they themselves are actively helping to cause pain to another populace i.e. the people of Yemen.

If it wasn't such a disturbing problem afflicting real people, the whole affair would be quite funny: the Islamic Republic yet again tries to take the world for a ride, sanctimoniously preaching about peace in the region, but all the while fueling the conflict.
To answer the question in the title of this post, I'm really not sure that the Islamic Republic's leaders know the definition of "peace and stability". If in fact they actually cared one tiny bit for any of these people, they would stop prolonging their misery, but then again I've long accepted that all Islamism, whether it involves Yemenis or Iranians is just about shady illicit deals and corruption.

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  1. You make it seem as if all countries should just do what they say in public.....Iran isn't the first country in the world to say something and do something else, get over it.

  2. SZ

    Well ideally all countries *should* do what they say. But since this weblog is about Iran, I'm going to focus specifically on that country. Not to mention, there's no reason for the Islamic Republic to fund the Yemeni insurgents, their cause doesn't affect Iran at all, in fact the entire affair is just an excuse for corruption and money making, much like Iran's involvement in the Israel/Palestine conflict.

    As far as me "getting over it" is concerned, I'm afraid that I can't do that. The funds which are given to these terrorists, to Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban, etc, are far better served being used to help Iran and Iranians. It is unjust for Iranians to live in poverty whilst their money goes to fund foreign terrorists.

  3. Arash,

    First of all, Iran has to exert some of its influence and power around the region. It's ok for other countries to do that, but Iran should just play the isolationist role?

    Did the cause of Iraq affect the United States, did the Falklands affect the UK at home? Did the cause of Georgia affect the Russians at home? NO, the truth is that all countries have to exert some sort of power externally in order to maintain their interests.

    It may not affect Iran directly, but it is in Iran's strategic interest to support like minded, common cause fighting people.

    You mention Iran's involvement in the Palestinian conflict is about corruption? How so? Please explain that to me.

    And your other points are simply wrong. Iran doesn't give funds to the Taliban, in fact, Iran is considered to be kafir's according to the Taliban. Hezbollah was founded by Iran, they have to give them money because it's Iranian founded, and not to mention, they support Iran and have influence in the Lebanese government. Just like the United States gives money to Israel, Egypt, Jordan....and so on, Iran gives money to Hezbollah thats it. Hamas is the same thing, Iran supports their cause, what else can I say.

    And you mention Iranian poverty? A quick look and you find that Iran has a GDP per capita of about 4700 dollars, thats better than Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Oman, Iraq...That is hardly considered being poor. If you compare Iranians to the US, then sure, we are all poor, but in the region, we are in the top 5 countries in the Middle East in terms of income per capita.

  4. SZ:

    The Falklands affects the UK because it is a British Overseas Territory and it was being illegally occupied in 1982. Yemen is not an Iranian territory, the Iranian government has no reason to be interfering in Yemen's internal affairs.

    "Like minded and common cause fighting", well perhaps you are right here, the Yemeni Islamists and the Iranian government ARE pretty likeminded, though I have every right to condemn them, because their "common cause" is contrary to freedom, liberty and democracy.

    As for the Taliban, yes Iran and the Taliban may hate each other deep down, but don't forget the USA and the USSR teamed up together in WWII, even though otherwise they despised each other. Very often nation states will employ pragmatism the old adage "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". But if you still don't believe me, please look at the following sources:

    The USA gives money to Egypt and Israel so they can help their people and further their economic development. I do not always agree with what Israel and Egypt do with that money, but it is better than Hezbollah who help no one. They line their own pockets and prolong the conflict with their insane Islamo-fascism and the Lebanese and Palestinians still remain poor. That is what I mean by corruption.

    But SZ, you seem to be ignoring the fact that inflation, unemployment, etc is sky high in Iran...Iranians experience fuel rationing, power cuts, and so on. Do you not think that the hundreds of millions of dollars the Islamic Government spends on foreign groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, Yemen, Bosnia, etc would be better spent on Iranians? A country where even the government admit a third of people live below the poverty line?

  5. Ok, we can agree to disagree with regards to Iranian influence, but I will respond to the rest of your post.

    You said the USA gives money to Egypt and Israel so they can help their people??

    Egypt has a LOWER gdp per capita than Iran, and it receives all this aid. Don't be naive, Egypt is ruled by a dictator who lines his own pockets with this money. Don't even for one second sit there and say that Egypt gets money so they can improve their economy.

    Israel gets money each year, and ironically doesn't even spend it on their economy. If you look at the link below, you will see that 90% of the money Israel gets each year is in military aid, and a small percentage goes to the defense industry in israel.–_United_States_relations#United_States_military_and_economic_aid

    You say that hezbollah doesn't help anyone? are you serious? read the "social services" section of this following article, and then come back to me and make that statement.

    You also mention that Hezbollah lines their own pockets while Lebanon stays poor? really? Lebanon has a higher GDP per capita than EGYPT, and they don't get aid like Egypt does.

    Please stop spreading lies about Hezbollah, Iran and others. You are simply wrong on those issues, and you can read the above articles for your pleasure.

    Also, you say that a third of Iran's people are below the poverty line? That is another piece of misinformation you people provide to further your arguments. Iran needs to spend on international relations and influence because it need the influence. No country can afford to completely isolate itself from outside forces.

    and for the record, 18% of people in Iran are below the poverty line. next time, please confirm your facts before you posts lies about Iran.

    you can confirm that at the article above.

  6. SZ:

    I thought I just told you that "I don't agree with everything Egpyt/Israel do with the money". Whilst the majority of Middle Eastern states are ruled by dictators, Arab or Iranian, at least Egypt has not experienced a near 30% inflation rate. Make no mistake the Iranian economy has been thoroughly mismanaged by the Islamic Republic. Furthermore, Egypt does not experience fuel rationing, power cuts, or unemployment like Iran does.

    Furthermore I said the USA gives money to Israel/Egypt "so they can help their people and improve their economy". As history has shown, Israel is very vulnerable to attack, a robust military is necessary for that country, therefore it helps their people (by preventing war). Not to mention wars are expensive and damaging to economies, by helping to lessen/prevent wars Israel is undoubtedly strengthening its economy.

    I don't consider Hezbollah's brainwashing of school chidren or it's "news service" worthy causes. The good that it does do is so limited it's largely negligible. We know that they get hundreds of millions of dollars in donations per year, but they spend the LARGE MAJORITY of it on terrorism and not social development.

    Also, wikipedia articles are not always to be trusted, for your information I thoroughly check my facts and figures before posting, please read:

  7. Arash,

    you are hopeless. your numbers on the Iranian economy are completely bullshit.

    Iran's inflation is actually 18%, and for 2010, its estimated at 15%.

    I never said that Iran has a perfect economy. But I would rather have the economy we have, than to be a client state ruled by ONE person for 40 years like Egypt. Stop with your asinine comparison of Iran and Egypt.

    Also, you say Israel is vulnerable to attack...hmm..maybe because they are OCCUPYING other people's land. I wonder why people would attack them all the time? Hmm....its interesting you always go out of your way to defend US client states like Egypt and Israel, and at the same time, you vilify Iran for wanting to be independent. Let me guess, you would like it if Iran became like them right?

    And for the last time, DONT post shit without sources, find me one legitimate source that says Hezbollah brainwashes children. Please show me, im eager to know. You are very quick to again vilify Hezbollah because you don't agree with it. You fail to mention that they actually have many supporters and that they actually have SEATS in the Lebanese parliament and cabinets. Show me that they spend a large majority of their money on terrorism, please just show me ONE source, and that doesn't include some Iranian dissident blog.

    And its interesting you say Wikipedia is not a reliable source, but you don't provide any sources whatsoever to back up your statements, other than the one Tehran Time.

  8. SZ:

    Are you so clueless about Iran that I need to give you a source for EVERYTHING, even well known facts?

    Straight from the Mullah's PressTV for last month, 22.5% inflation rate:

    The figure I was quoting earlier was the (in)famous 29.4% inflation rate of September, which in terms of economics is not that long ago, again from the Mullah PressTV:

    Now, I despise PressTV but I cited it so that regime apologists like you can't accuse Reuters etc of being biased against Iran. When even the IRI's own mouthpiece shows they are totally incompetent, you know something's up.

    The Palestinians had the oppurtunity in 1947 to have their own independent state, they would have even had Jerusalem, look up the UN Partition Plan of 1947. If the Arabs had not been so averse to a Jewish state that they declared war on it, the intifada would have been totally unneeded.

    I do not want Iran to "become like" anyone, I however do not see international cooperation as a bad thing, unlike you isolationist regime supporters. Nothing has ever been achieved in isolation, if Iran is to improve and prosper it must put aside dictatorship and authoritarianism in exchange for democracy and freedom and a willingness to cooperate with other nations.

    Out of interest, what do YOU think Hezbollah do in schools? Do you think they teach children that Jews have just as much right to life as them? Or do Hezbollah give children computer games that involve killing Israelis?

    SZ are you for real? Terrorism, suicide attacks, rockets, etc all cost LOTS of money, are you actually telling me that Hezbollah don't spend hundreds of millions of dollars on that stuff? You're unreal.

    Actually I am very well sourced, my blog entries contain lots of sources where relevant but I never thought I'd have to source well known FACTS like Iran's abysmal inflation rate.

  9. What happened to my comment?

  10. Iranian economy in the 20th century: The only time Iran showed any real growth was during the late 60's and 70's.

    I don't trust the figures on GDP or Income Per Capita that are given by the Islamic Republic Officials. They are all manufactured statistic to keep the sheeple like sz pacified.

    Hadi Salehi Esfahani; M. Hashem Pesaran

  11. Arash,


    you give some numbers. I accept your facts about the inflation rate.

    About the Palestinians...You blame THEM for their situation? Is that right? The GERMANS committed atrocities against the jews, and the jews are placed in PALESTINE, and move people forcibly from their land and homes to make room for jews, and you say that the Arabs should have just accepted it and gone with the flow? Is that what you're saying? That the best thing for the Arabs to have done, is just to accept the injustice, to accept the occupation, and just go with the flow? WOW! you have reached a new low.

    I don't care how many partitions they made in 1947, they fucking MOVED by FORCE the arabs off their land to make room for jews!!!! Seriously, the fact that you can even defend that makes me sick to y stomach.

    I never said international cooperation is a bad thing. International cooperation when it is done in EQUALITY and FAIRNESS is a great thing. Iran is nothing like an isolationist state. We have relations with the WHOLE world except for a couple of nations. I would call that hardly isolationist. So with regards to your point about nothing being accomplished in isolation, I agree.

    And for the last time, iran is NOT a dictatorship, you beloved Egypt is a dictatorship, Syria is a dictatorship, Jordan, UAE, Kuwait, and all the rest of the arab world are dictators, but NOT iran. We actually have a different president after elections, and we even have different parliament members! how about that! stop labeling my country a dictatorship just because we aren't like YOUR ideal view.

    Again, your point about hezbollah is interesting if not idiotic. They are a legitimate political party, they have a legitimate charity organization. You list a BRITISH paper ( not biased at all) as your source and say that Hezbollah is evil. Get over yourself.

    I never said Hezbollah never spends money on its arms, or on its military wing, but they also spend money on social services, and on other things. YOu make excuses for Israel having to spend money on its military, but when Hezbollah does it you claim its bad? Make up your mind, spending on military is either good or bad, which is it? don't have a double standard like the west does.

    I never understood you dissidents, you curse Iran's government at every turn, you curse arabs and their plight at every turn. Its like you sold your souls to the west and Israel. You curse our government, and therefore curse every person who supports it in iran. Then you wonder why you live abroad and are labeled as dissidents and not "mainstream". If your views were so popular, you would be living in Iran instead of in exile.

  12. “About the Palestinians...You blame THEM for their situation? Is that right? The GERMANS committed atrocities against the jews, and the jews are placed in PALESTINE, and move people forcibly from their land and homes to make room for jews”

    Your interpretation is completely wrong. The Arabs were not expelled before the civil war that started the day after the partition was passed. Meaning that no Arabs were displaced. The partition worked on the basis of majority areas. A study found that only around 600 were displaced between 1881-1930s, with it only rising slightly. They legally bought the land and it was only after the war (which was only initiated as a result of them declining the partition plan). And you are wrong about the “jews being placed in Palestine” – immigration was blocked by the British until they two weeks before they left (i.e mid-1948) Almost all the 700,000 displaced Palestinians were expelled/fled either in the second stage of the civil war or in the ‘third wave’ of the international conflict.

    I’m not going to sit here and argue that Palestinians weren’t expelled, but the expulsion was born of war.

    ”I don't care how many partitions they made in 1947, they fucking MOVED by FORCE the arabs off their land to make room for jews!!!! Seriously, the fact that you can even defend that makes me sick to y stomach.”

    No, they didn’t. The partition was a method of solving the conflict without any transfers. Everyone would stayed where they were had the partition had been accepted. If you are talking about before the war, then very few families were displaced – and even then it was as a result of legal land purchases by land lords and then the Arab family having to move away.

  13. And please don't straw man me by taking one line out of context. Just to pre-empt you:

    " Meaning that no Arabs were displaced. "

    I mean this, before 1947 and not by means of legal purchase.

    A note on sources: I'm not with my books tonight, but I will be tomorrow, so if you wish to know about specific claims, feel free to ask and I will give them to you.

  14. امروز میخواهم به عنوان یک زن بی باور به خدا و مذهب از شما سئوال
    کنم که آیا :

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  15. Folderol,

    The partition in itself was illegal and unjustified. After the war, England and the Europeans in general felt a need to give jews a homeland. Off course, nobody wanted them in Europe after what had happened, so they decided to put them in Palestine, both convenient because of its location, and because of its distance from Europe.

    You say that the partition didn't result in much displacement....which means essentially oyu are saying that some displacement of people, as long as its not you, is ok, because after all, they aren't your people, they aren't important. The truth is, any person that is displaced for anyone else has a right to fight for that land. The jews had been living in the Middle East for centuries without problems. The issue comes when Zionism wants to create an artificial homeland in a place where they have not had a sovereign state ever in history.

    I don't blame the Arabs for starting the war of 1948, they wanted their land back, even if according to you it was only 600 families. The truth is, if that was your family, you would die for that land.

    You say the expulsion of palestinians was born of war..I agree, but this war was created because of the ARTIFICIAL placement of Jews in the Middle East.

    You say the partition was a method of solving the conflict? Really? We see now how well that worked out. The solution was to put the jews back in germany, and take revenge on Germany for killing almost all of them. Why didn't the create Israel out of Bavaria? I will tell you why, because they didn't want the jews anywhere near Europe where they would be trouble again.

    You can spin the "legal" land purchases anyway you want, but the truth is that if this was YOUR house, or your land, you would fight for it as well. So the point you are trying to make about the Palestinians not having a reason to be angry or pissed off is completely idiotic.

  16. SZ:

    I'm rather confused as to why you've hijacked a weblog called Observing IRAN to moan about Zionism. But fair enough. I do agree with what Folderol said, but please also bear in mind that Jewish immigration to what is now Israel/Palestine had been occurring for centuries.

    Now, as for Iran, the topic of this blog, it is indeed a dictatorship. When the Iranian Parliament votes in laws which are then REJECTED by Khamenei and his cronies, it is proof. When the Guardian council prevent thousands of people from running in elections it is a dictatorship. It is certainly not a democracy.

    Hezbollah builds up its military to fight terrorist wars against a legitimate, democratic state, i.e. Israel based on it's warped theological dogma that Jews are evil. That is not comparable to Israel defending itself against terrorists. Note: I do not always support Israel, I am for a two state plan, and often I think Israel make very bad decisions which hinder the peace process. But I refuse to support bigots like Hezbollah.

    As for my personal opinions: No, I do not curse EVERY SINGLE person who supports the regime, very often they do it out of ignorance and bad education. I do curse the regime itself because it is fundamentally UNDEMOCRATIC and infringes on PERSONAL LIBERTY.

  17. SZ, the numbers correspond to your paragraph above:

    1. What kind of warped view of ‘legality’ do you have? The Mandate for Palestine was given to the trusteeship of Britain. Legally: codified in international law, by way of both the Balfour Declaration and San Remo Conference. I am not talking about morality of the issue but the legality of it: which is what you are talking about.
    What do you not understand about this point: immigration into Palestine was blocked by the British and it remained that way until they (pretty much) were evacuating. The partition was largely based on the Jews that were already there. A plan to set up a Jewish home;land was intitated in 1917, and accepted by all the allied powers in 1922 – i.e. before the Holocaust.
    The partition lines were not made because of the logistics to and from Europe but the populations that had already existed. I highly recommend that you read a book on the topic.

    2. No, I said that pre-partition there wasn’y much displacement and that the displacement that did occur was a result of land purchases from absentee Arab lords which then caused the Arab families who were working on the ground to leave – because (guess what): the property had be bought.

    3. What land?! The land that had legally been bought by the Jews?! The Arabs did not start the war to get there land back – the amount of the land that was privately owned was NOT affected by the partition. The war was intitated to stop the existence of a Jewish state. Lets assume I would die for land I legally owned: that does NOT apply in this situation because: 1) I would have either not owned the land and 2) because I would have KEPT that land under the partition.

    4. In an area where there is no sovereign, anyone should be free to buy the land – and that’s what happened.

    5. Yeah partition didn’t work out because the Arabs rejected the deal, hence the war starting. The Jews accepted the plan, the Arabs didn’t – bingo bango: war. Again, you are missing the point that a vast majority of the Jews in Palestine had come BEFORE the Holocaust. Do you have any idea of the history at all? They didn’t create a state in Bavaria because the desire to establish a jewish home had been expressed around 30 years before and there was a substantial Jewish population there.

    6. Nope. As I’ve explained: 1) I would either have not owned the house legally (if I was one of those 600) or 2) even if I did, my private legally ownership would not be affected HENCE the proposed Jewish state having a ~40% Arab population.

  18. The Islamic Republic system of government is a closed loop to sustain the dictatorship. It's a joke and insult to intelligence of any average IQ human being.The Iranian Constitution is a roadmap in which all roads lead to the Supreme Leader.

    Elections for the Assembly of Experts are a rare occurrence — they are held every eight years and with minor pomp. As with other "elected bodies", all candidates must be approved by the "Guardian Council", with the additional requirement that they must also prove their mastery of Islamic law and jurisprudence. Very few fit the bill, even though the theological standards have been lowered a few times.

    Who appoints the Guardian council? The Supreme

    SZ is a shameful shill for the IRI.


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