Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The beginning of the end of the Islamic Republic

The mainstream media constantly makes it appear as if Iranians have by and large been content with the Islamic Republic, and only recently have they started protesting against its archaic laws. I, however, believe that the Islamic Republic was doomed from its inception due its undemocratic and oppressive nature, indeed I believe the first cracks in the Islamic Republic appeared in 1979.

I just saw a video on YouTube (featuring a very young Jon Snow), taken a month after the Revolution, of Iranian women protesting against Khomeini's campaign to Islamify Iran by forcing women to wear the hejab. See how the women are bravely protesting against theocratic tyranny, 30 years before Mousavi, Karroubi, the Green Path of Hope etc. Also note how that monster Khomeini split and fractured Iranian society making it acceptable for men to subjugate women under the guise of Islam, leading to many of today's problems and inequalities.

It is imperative that we take note of these events, for those who "don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it". If Iran, or any country for that matter is to prosper, it must have equality amongst ALL its citizens. What you see occurring in Iran today is the beginning of the end of the Islamic Republic, and a monumental struggle for justice and liberty that has been going on for thirty years.


  1. Once again you pass your personal opinion as fact.

    The fact is that women in Iran enjoy much more freedom than women in the Arab world. The fact is that women in Iran can hold public office and are an active part of Iranian life.

  2. SZ:

    You didn't watch the video clip did you?

    When women don't even have freedom to dress as they please, one of the most basic human freedoms, how does that make this regime defensible?

    Yeah, alright unlike Saudi Arabia they don't have to wear burqas, but that doesn't make forcing them to wear headscarves somehow alright or morally permissible.

    And don't give me that nonsense about public office, women in Iran are treated like scum by the regime, where they hold half the legal value of a man. Divorce laws are tipped heavily against women, they're not allowed to watch football matches. As for public office, why is it that only 30 years on the first women ministers are being brought in? Why were women judges removed after the Revolution?

    I'm glad you brought up the fact that women play an active role in Iranian society, yes Iran has many women doctors, teachers, dentists, etc. And yet your beloved regime treats these devoted citizens as if they're subhuman. Thank you for proving my point that the Islamic Republic is immoral, chauvinistic and ungrateful.

    Yes, a lot of my blog is analysis and thus my personal opinion, but a lot of it is FACT, like the FACT that women in Iran do not enjoy being subjugated by their unelected government. I thank god that most Iranian men are not like their unelected leaders and know how to show women respect.

  3. Arash,

    You are officially delusional.

    Let me ask you a question. In France, some women who WANT to wear hijab, cannot wear it because of french laws forbidding it. Is that wrong in your opinion? Is that not the same thing you rant and rave about here?

    The truth is that women in Iran have many more rights than any other Middle Eastern nation. Women in Iran are part of government, and they are part of social life. You keep bringing up the divorce laws as if every woman in Iran gets divorced. Get over it! Can things be better in Iran with respect to women's rights? Sure, absolutely. But does that mean the Government which was brought in BY THE PEOPLE in 1979 is Immoral? Ungrateful? Seriously? Are you that deluded where you can't even admit that this government, this system was brought in on the backs of the people. Khomeini had more support than you dissidents can even dream of.

    Out of the 11 million Basiji, there are about 3.5 million WOMEN who volunteer for the Basij. Are they delusional, are they immoral, are they ungrateful? You see, the problem with people like you is that you only mention the bad, the horrible, and the wrong in our country. That is exactly why dissidents are dissidents, because they don't have the support of the people of Iran.

    Most people in Iran have things they can think of that our government can improve upon, but NONE of the people call it immoral, or ungrateful, on the contrary, people like myself, and my family live in Iran and work everyday to try and improve our system of governance. People like you, live abroad, curse our country and post video clips of 1979!!!! and use that as proof that women in Iran hate the government, when in reality, we have WOMEN in the Majlis representing the people of our country.

    You're pathetic and sad, you will grow old and die, and Iran will still be an islamic republic.

  4. SZ:

    I do think it is wrong. I think both camps are in the wrong. In Iran they force you to wear it and in France they force you to take it off.

    I think the hijab is a vile instrument of male oppression that no woman ought to wear, it is her CHOICE though. But you keep forgetting something: this blog IS ABOUT IRAN, not France. There are countless infringements of people's rights going on in the world, but this blog is called Observing Iran, as such I will be focusing on Iran. Do you understand?

    I don't give a damn about the fact that the Arabs are even more primitve than the Islamic Republic, that does not excuse the Islamic Republic of fascism.

    As for women Basijis, I did not deny their existance, what I DID deny is your claim that most women are happy with these oppressive laws. Most Iranian women want to dress how they please, without some Mullah threatening them, they have been fighting for this right since the first few days of the Revolution, when that monster Khomeini promised that women would have freedom of dress in an Islamic Republic.

    As for the Basij as an institution: yes it is immoral, delusional and ungrateful. And dissidents are dissidents because your beloved Islamic Republic is NOT a democracy and won't allow them freedom of speech, one of the most basic human rights. Thank you for YET AGAIN giving me more ammo to use against your pathetic apologies for this regime.

    SZ, YOU are the one who is delusional if you think this regime will even last a few more years, let alone till the end of my life :)

  5. Ok, let's try this again,

    The Hijab is a RELIGIOUS belief, it is a religious requirement. Is it fair to say that the fact that women cannot be priests is unfair? Maybe it is, maybe its not, but in the end, its a religious belief. You probably aren't religious at all, and you probably don't even practice any religion, but the facts don't change that Iran is an ISLAMIC REPUBLIC, and unlike you, people in IRAN brought forth change when they kicked the sorry no good shah out of the country, and brought in the era of the Islamic Republic.

    Its interesting you have so much hate toward Iran, and by extension, Iranians. Every time you curse Iran, you curse the Iranians that died for our country in wars against other countries, you curse the people that vote and live and work in Iran who support the government. You and your like are hated in Iran not because of your dissident views, but because of your treacherous nature.

    You have no proof that most women in Iran are unhappy with these laws which you say are oppressive. SO until you come up with some facts, other than a WESTERN news report from 30 years ago, don't bother, because your argument is purely straw man, and is purely an opinion.

    So you say that Basij are immoral? So when they fought for Iran during the war against Iraq, they were immoral? So when they died on the battlefield against invaders for 8 years, they were immoral? wow, you show your true colors. Its funny, all the people that fought and died in the war to save our country, are now immoral according to you because there were basiji and pasdaran members. No wonder people like you live in the UK, you wouldn't last a day in Iran. Hell, you curse our people and expect to supported??

    And dissidents are dissidents because they are DELUSIONAL. They want Iran to be a western style secular democracy, and they want Iran to be a client state of the west. YOU are a MINORITY among Iranians, that's why you are living in EXILE! People like you are a sad bunch, you have no roots, no homeland to return to because people in Iran hate you.

    And if you think im apologizing for this government, then you are completely off the map. unlike you, I don't curse Iran, and its people for everything that is wrong with our land, nope, i live here most of the time, I work here, my family is here, everyone I love is here, and we all work hard to better our country. You on the other hand, you live abroad, curse Iran from your armchair and expect to be loved at home for your idiotic views! ha, talk about westernized useful idiots.

    People like you have been saying every year, the "regime" will fall, it will not last, it doesnt have the support of the people...blah blah blah...its been 30 years, and our country is still there the way it was founded after the revolution. stay with your delusions of grandeur.

  6. SZ:

    First off, stop insulting me. I very clearly wrote in the first entry on this blog that I am for free speech, but I am not for insults. If you want to troll and vent your feelings do it elsewhere, I'm getting rather tired of your insults.

    Secondly, I don't have a problem with the religion per se, I have a problem with women being FORCED to dress in a certain way. How a woman chooses to dress, and how she chooses to follow a religion is her business, not yours and certainly not the Basij's.

    I don't hate Iran, I certainly don't hate our war veterans, stop making straw men attacks, it only makes you look like a temperamental child. I have proof that women are not happy with their treatment, namely the fact that they have been involved in the recent protests, petitions, they vote for reformist candidates. However much you dislike it, women in Iran are not subservient cattle to be bossed around by unelected Mullahs. If you can't cope with freedom, that's your problem.

    Bore on, the Basij are immoral, they are murderous Islamic zealots. Incidentally would you like to see how your precious Basij treat war veterans?


    Most Iranians want democracy and freedom, that's why most Iranians continue to vote for reformist candidates who can give them the teeniest scraps of liberty. Most Iranians are sick of this regime's fascism. Again, if you enjoy seeing an entire nation oppressed, that's your problem not mine.

    Once again I reiterate: if you are going to reply to this comment, do it in a civil way or I will delete your posts, your insults are unneeded.

    For your information:


  7. I never insulted you, I insulted your position and your illogical one at that. You are for free speech you say, but at the same time you can't take a hearty debate.

    You say you don't have anything against religion and then you say that you are against women being forced to do anything they don't want. That in and of itself is a dichotomy. Religion by definition requires you to do things you don't necessarily want to do.

    Priests can't get married, can't have sex. Women in christianity cannot become priests. In Islam, women must cover up, in Islam, you have to fast once a year. There are endless laws and rules in every religion one has to obey. In Iran, women can choose not to fast, they can choose not to follow Islam at all. But they live in an Islamic Republic, which requires by law for women to cover their hair. if they don't like it, they can try and change the elected officials that are in power.

    Just like in France, women cannot wear a hijab, in Iran they have to. Its the law of the land. Whether one can or cannot wear an article of clothing is not a right that is required for one to have freedom. Women in Iran can vote, can run for public office, can drive freely, can travel without problems around the country, can even participate in the news and entertainment industries. Women can do anything they want, except they have to wear a Hijab, it is perhaps the only part of Islam they have to follow in Iran, everything else, they can determine. I would hardly call that oppression. People like you, like I said before like to mention the bad and shortcomings of Iran, but never mention the good.

    You specifically have ranted against the Pasdaran and against the Basiji, those are the very SAME people who have fought in our wars. So if you berate them and say they are immoral, you are offending our war veterans. Thats not a straw man attack, its fact.

    And like I said, the women that were involved in the protests, or the unrest after the election did so freely, but they are the minority in Iran. I will even admit that about 1 million people in Tehran protested, great, what about the rest of the people in Tehran, or the rest of the people in Iran? Do they not count? Are their voices not important. You conveniently leave out the people that support the Government, and only mention the ones that don't, just because you are one of them. You are in the MINORITY, understand that!

    And I never said women were cattle, stop making straw man arguments just because you can't make real ones. And who ever said the Mullahs were unelected? The Supreme Leader is chosen by a council. In fact, is the Queen of England elected? Is she chosen by the people? Its interesting you only mention the unelected Mullahs, but the very country you call home has one of the longest tenured unelected leaders in history. Its in many ways like Iran, a Supreme Leader or Queen, and a parliament, and a judicial system.

    You can make excuses all you want, but lets face the unchangeable truth, you are a minority in Iran, and always will be, that's why you live in the UK.

    And you mention the Basij again with an article from the Huffington Post...WOW, what a reliable source, seriously, if that's all you have, then its no wonder you people have no support in Iran.


  8. This says it all....

    "Most Iranians want democracy and freedom, that's why most Iranians continue to vote for reformist candidates who can give them the teeniest scraps of liberty. Most Iranians are sick of this regime's fascism. Again, if you enjoy seeing an entire nation oppressed, that's your problem not mine."

    Iranians voted Khatami in power for 8 years, what did he accomplish? In fact, in 2004, Ahmadinejad won a large percentage of the vote, and did so again this time. You are posting your opinion as FACT, and that is exactly why the dissident movement is in shambles, its completely worthless because there is no truth to it. If Most Iranians wanted what you wanted, they would have done what they did to the Shah. You say most iranians even though I bet you haven't been to Iran in your life, you say most Iranians as if you know most Iranians in Iran. The people you know are you small circle of dissidents who convince themselves that they are true iranians, when i reality, they are on the outside looking in. Understand, that you are wrong, that you are completely wrong, and that you have no leg to stand on. People like yours are plentiful through history, but unfortunately for you, they have never amounted to much.

  9. SZ:

    You repeatedly insulted me in this entry and others by amongst other things calling me a "useful idiot". Do it again and your comments will be deleted. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    You are also misinformed: women in Christianity can indeed become priests, there are many women priests in the Church of England for example. Also, you place way too much faith in Iran's electoral system, it is NOT a democracy, they only pick candidates who are IN LINE with the Supreme Leader as such people are POWERLESS to gain progressive laws or laws that allow personal freedom. This is a fact, it is non negotiable.

    Do you not realise how ridiculous you sound when you smugly declare that women in Iran are allowed to drive? So what? That's their right, it's not a privilege. I don't care if a group of primitive Saudis don't allow women to do that in their country, what bothers me is that in Iran women do not have basic freedoms like how to dress as they please! Or that they're worth half the value of a man in the courts!

    If you want a straw man look at yourself, I never said that I am a British monarchist. But it is also very simple of you to compare the Queen, a constitutional monarch who has no bearing on the law (except ceremonial duties), to the Supreme Leader of Iran who is at the top of the constitution! Now a comparable example is Charles I who was an absolute monarch, and look what happened to him...civil war and eventually his execution. Dictatorship never works.

    If you think democrats and supporters of freedom and liberty are a minority in Iran, that is yet again your problem not mine, you need to wake up and see that this regime is done for, the events of June and beyond ought to have shown you that.

    Khatami achieved virtually nothing. Why? Because of the Supreme Leader who you claim is equivalent to the consitutional monarch of the UK! Khatami's progressive laws were blocked by Khamenei. Note also that I am not a "reformist", I think Khatami and Mousavi are the liberal factions of a fascist regime. But what I do know is that under Khatami's rule, the Majles did approve laws to raise the age of consent, improve women's rights and so on and they were vetoed by Khamenei and the Guardian Council. How is it a democracy when the PEOPLE'S representatives are vetoed?

    Incidentally SZ, it's funny you mention what happened to the Shah, the exact same thing is occurring now...the rise of dictatorship in Iran, the crushing of dissent and demonstrations, economic woes, corruption and so on are all remarkably like the final days of the Shah. I wouldn't be too surprised if in a few years the Mullahs go the same way as him :)

    Now also bear this in mind: try and control your rage, if you insist on replying do it in a polite and considerate way.

  10. Arash: Wow, I admire your patience. Why do you put up with such an intellectually challenged miscreant?

  11. Anonymous:

    Thank you :)

    And I'm not sure, I believe that not giving the enemy a platform often works against us. The minute Columbia University gave Ahmadinejad a platform to express his views that "there are no gays in Iran" the whole world realised what a laughing stock he is. Likewise people like SZ ought to be given the chance to express their point of view...so the whole world can realise how primitive their opinions are.

  12. Arash,

    Again, the truth hurts, don't be so thin skinned.

    Second of all, I meant Catholics don't allow Women to participate in their religion for the most part. Protestants changed the religion because they are a "light" version of Catholics.

    Iran's system is not a democracy like they have in the west, and thats the point, Iranians don't want to have a system like the west. What makes you think that iranians as a whole want a western system? You never made that clear, you just simply assume.

    For the last time, the ONLY thing women in Iran cannot do is not wear a Hijab, everything else they can do and for the most part, women who choose to be, are an active part of our society. Thats FACT. You ONLY mention the Hijab and the divorce laws and say that women are oppressed. But even WOMEN in Iran don't say they are oppressed. My mother and Grandmother, and Sister, and cousins all live in Iran and not ONCE have they ever said that they feel oppressed to us or to anyone else. You are an OUTSIDER, have you ever been to Iran? Do you have any family in Iran?

    Iran is not a Dictatorship, its a Theocratic Democracy. If you don't know the difference, look it up.

    You claim that the freedom movement in Iran is so huge, yet you could barely muster 1 million people in Tehran, and nothing else in other cities. I don't get people like you, you ignore all the facts, and numbers, and you claim victory and dominance. What exactly have you accomplished? What exactly did your protestors accomplish this past 2 months. Even if 1 million people in Iran wanted more artificial rights, such as alcohol, or hijab, or anything else and came to protest...what about the other 69 million? I really want to know your explanation, you say that most Iranians want what you want, but yet you are on the OUTSIDE and can't even go to Iran. why is that?

    Khatami actually accomplished a lot. Elections are exactly that, people come and go, and they change things however they see fit. Khameini actually doesn't interfere in everyday laws hardly at all. You say that he "vetoed" all these things, prove it. the burden of proof is on the accuser. Prove it and we will accept your word, but before you do that, don't accuse my country.

    There is no crushing of Dissent for the LAST TIME! there was protests, the leaders of the protests are NOT arrested, they arent even harmed. The Shah had NO support from anyone. During the revolution, Iran had about 35 million people, about 9 million would show up for rallies in Tehran and other cities. Thats about 25%! today, we have 1 million show up for rallies....maybe....and Iran has 70 million people living in it. thats not even close. You are wrong, Iranians support this government, thats hard for you to admit, but such is life, the truth doesnt change because you don't accept it.

    People like you have been saying for years that its only a matter of time, in a few years, in a few months, tomorrow....blah blah blah.it aint happening.

    Answer me these questions:

    How old are you? Have you been to Iran? Do you have family in Iran? Where were you born?

  13. Anon,

    Its easy for you to demonize me, a Iranian who lives in Iran, and not argue the points. Also, very brave of you to post under your real name! ha. loser.

  14. SZ: It's my blog, I can be as thin skinned as I want, and thus if you call me "sad", "pathetic" or "a useful idiot" again, you'll get deleted, it's as simple as that. If you can't debate maturely that's your problem, not mine.

    What is all this "westernised" nonsense, democracy is democracy, there is no "half way" democracy. You either have it or you don't. Iran does not have democracy and the vast majority of Iranians want it. Again, the events of the past few months ought to have shown you that. If you choose to ignore it, that's not my fault.

    I don't care for anecdotal evidence, maybe your family are okay with the Islamic Republic, that's cool, in a DEMOCRACY everyone would be able to have the right to an opinion. But likewise those who do not want to wear the hijab, from the women 30 years ago to today's women activists should be allowed that choice.

    Given that the majority of people voted for Mousavi the reformist who wanted to improve freedom in Iran, that shows even more than the protests that Iranians are sick of dictatorship, sorry "theocratic democracy" (What the hell? I can't even find that term in the Oxford Dictionary of Politics, are you sure you didn't make it up?)

    I'm not accusing your country. If your "country" means Khamenei then I feel desperately sorry for you. Khamenei doesn't represent Iran anymore than Mugabe represents Zimbabwe. But fair enough, have it your way:


    Also, if there is no crushing of dissent, please explain this :)


    Also, my age, my family, where I was born etc is my personal business and is IRRELEVANT. I am going to guess that in a minute you will post an immature comment regarding this, but that's your issue :)

  15. Arash,

    Exactly, you are thin skinned, but if you want, you can come to my site and we can discuss issues there as well.


    Again, you claim that the vast majority of Iranians "want" democracy, that is simply not TRUE! If Iranians wanted what you said, there would have been more people protesting, more people in the streets day after day. You seem to have a disconnect between reality, and your perception of how things are here in Iran.

    Its nice to know you argue without requiring anecdotal evidence, im sure you are one persuasive person.

    And you claim that the majority of the people voted for Mousavi? Are you kidding? Ahmadinejad won by 11 million votes! Do you even realize how wrong you are! You claim fraud of the election, but there is no actual proof, there is no actual evidence that the election was rigged. When Khatami won with 65% of the vote in 2004, nobody said that it was rigged, but now when Ahmadinejad wins, its rigged. The truth is, Mousavi had the support of the upper middle class, and most of the people in Tehran. But he DID NOT have the support of the Rural Iran, and the religious centers of Iran such as Mashad and Isfahan and Qom. Since you don't require evidence for your arguments, maybe you still won't accept the facts, but the facts remain. Iranians overwhelmingly accepted Ahmadinejad, and the people that came out and protested, were supporters of Mousavi.

    Iran officially is a Theocratic Republic. Look that up, maybe that will help.

    And the one time you post links, they are from the BBC and other Iranian dissident sites? Really? DO you have any shame? Do you even attempt to be honest and give some honest real assessments of Iran.

    And my country is Iran, unlike you, I live here and support my government, I work to improve my government and country, I vote here, I have my family here. I don't live in the UK, sit in my armchair and criticise Iran from a distance just because I don't agree with its policies.

    And your last link, you show me a picture of a guy getting beaten up....hmm....


    Those links are all riots in either the USA, or UK...enjoy. Don't give me ONE picture of some guy getting beaten up, its completely irrelevant. Dissent of protestors is if the government unleashed the full military force of the country on them, dissent is what happened in Tianamen square, dissent is what happens when thousands die protesting and when the government uses violent force. Tehran had RIOT police in the streets trying to stop the young thugs from North Tehran as they were destroying property. There was nothing going on in Isfahan, Tabriz, Mashad, Zahedan, Abadan, or any other city, it was the rich kids in Tehran who want to be able to drink and show their hair. Next time, post some evidence and facts instead of a picture, because as my links show, the protestors in the UK and the rioters in the US were being put down violently as well.

    You say your background is irrelevant, but its completely relevant. If you have never been to Iran, or don't have family there, you don't know how life is in Iran, all you have is the media, and your dissident sources which we know are all bs.

    My guess is you have not been to Iran, you probably don't know how to read and write Farsi, you probably don't have family in Iran and don't know anything about iran other than what the other dissidents tell you. You sit in your armchair and curse Iranians who support our government, because you don't know better.

  16. But I have been to Iran. Not only have I been to Tehran, but I have also been to Kashan, Sanandaj and Hamedan (recently). The general attitude is that people are unhappy with this government. I'm not saying that EVERYBODY hates this government, although I am sure the majority dislike it.

  17. Oh and also, say it's true and the people in Iran don't want "western" democracy. Then still, I ask, why are you inherently against democracy? It seems as though you actually want to be controlled by a dictator!

  18. SZ:

    Thanks for the invitation, I'll decline though. I'm already well versed in what the Mullah's PressTV says :)

    I'm sorry SZ, if you truly believe Ahmadinejad won fair and square then I can't argue with your closed mindedness any further. Bearing in mind that WHOLE of the world has realised this election was rigged EXCEPT those who gain by the regime i.e. Khamenei, Galloway, CASMII, Chavez etc, I have to say again you are wrong. Shame.

    SZ, you're getting rather repetitive, first off I'm not sitting in an armchair, I'm sitting at a desk :) Also I refuse to "improve" an inherently fascist and undemocratic government. Shocking, eh? How do I sleep at night...

    Also, you might have noticed the UK is an exceptionally welcoming country, we have filth like Nick Griffin (neo Nazi) and Anjem Choudhary (ultra-Islamist) living here and spreading their views. All of them have the right to free speech, the right to be elected and so on, indeed Griffin is an MEP. Oddly enough in the Islamic Republic those who oppose the system don't have these rights. They get imprisoned, raped, tortured and murdered. And sometimes buried in a mass grave :)

    Actually protests did occur in other cities...then again if all you watch is PressTV and IRIB I guess you might not know about it...


    Also: my family is none of your business, I choose not to talk about them because I do not want to tell a regime stooge about my personal life. Deal with it. As for me, well judge for yourself, if you think I don't know Farsi, then that's your problem I guess...I'm not here to prove myself, least of all to the likes of you. Grow up :)

  19. Once again, you don't present any facts as to why Mousavi won. You just say: "its impossible my candidate lost, therefore, there must have been fraud. Everyone says so, so it must be true, i don't need any facts, I just believe what people say, because i can feel its right"

    Seriously? You want to provide some proof as to why your candidate won? When Khatami won with 65% of the vote, no conservative said that it was a fraud, they accepted the results and came back 4 years later, only to LOSE again. What did they do then, nothing!!! They accepted the fact, and won 4 years later. how about instead of accusing people of cheating, you just prepare for the next election and win one! What a thought, win an election!

    For the last time, Iran is not a fascist government. You really need to start looking things up.


    Wait, so just because the UK is an welcoming country, that makes it the best country in the world?

    Actually, in Iran, people like your Mousavi can run for office, can organize protests and not be harmed. The former speaker of Parliament can come to the streets and accuse the government of fraud, and he isn't touched or hurt. There are people voicing their opinion in the Maijlis thats against the President, they don't get hurt and beaten like you claim. The people that are being hurt and beaten are the thugs that come to the streets to damage personal property and to incite violence. Honestly, you aren't here in Tehran where I live, you don't know the truth, you just repeat what you see on youtube from a phone video clip. You just repeat the BBC and other western media types. Until you come to Iran, and actually see what's going on here daily, don't spread lies about my country.

    Like I said, I will ACCEPT that 1 MILLION people rallied against the election, and against Ahmadinejad. Your point on that is ACCEPTED. But you never answer what happened to the other 68 million, who stayed home and didn't say a word. Were they all scared to? Were they all threatened with violence? Were they all just waiting for a sign? Or is it possible that they just don't want what you want, or what the other million wanted? Hmm....Which sounds more reasonable....68 million people stay home, and 1 million protest, and yet, the whole country is against our government. Or could it be that 1 million are against our government, and 68 million actually support the government? Is that possible? According to your distorted unrealistic view of Iran ( a country which you haven't been to) everyone hates the government, yet not only did Mousavi lose by 11 million votes, but only 1 million came out in his support, and out of those, most of them were in the capital Tehran.

    Off course you would say your family is none of my business, thats because they all live in the west and none of them actually has any connection to Iran. Its like saying Obama is a Kenyan, just because his father is from Kenya. I am willing to bet you weren't even born in Iran. You are right, you don't prove yourself to me, in fact you don't prove yourself to ANYONE!!! hahahahaha..

  20. SZ:

    Mousavi is not "my candidate". As I stated before he is the liberal faction of a fascist regime, I think everyone involved in the Islamic Republic, reformist, pragmatist or hardliner are as guilty as eachother. I am certainly not a Mousavi supporter.

    But since you're clueless to anything which isn't broadcast on IRIB I suggest you read this:


    By the way, that paper was edited by Ali Ansari, who is head of the Islamic Republic funded Iranian Institute at St Andrews University :)

    Iran is indeed fascist. Let's look at the definition of fascism:

    "A political regime, usually totalitarian, ideologically based on centralized government, government control of business, repression of criticism or opposition, a leader cult and exalting the state and/or religion above individual rights. Originally only applied (usually capitalized) to Benito Mussolini's Italy."


    Yep, the Iranian government and its various organs, bonyads, etc control most major business in Iran, there is repression, opposition figures are usually silenced (Chain Murders and the regular closure of reformist papers), a cult of personality whereby Khomeini and Khamenei are appointed as "God's representative on Earth" and their portraits are painted on each street corner and the good of the "revolution" is always put above individuals rights, which therefore necessitated the creation of the Revolutionary Guards to help carry this out. Thank you for again helping me prove my points :)

    As for why the whole nation didn't come out, did every black person in America come out to demonstrate for civil rights? Did every Indian join Gandhi's marches for independence? Your arguments are so shallow and simplistic, please put some more thought into them.

  21. I have no idea why you continue to debate with people like this. Their minds are CLOSED, they won't listen to a word you say. Anything from the BBC is anti IRI. It's really a waste of time...

    I bet this closed minded person is also at disgust with gay rights, along with anything slightly anti Islamic.

  22. Arash,

    You misunderstand again, whether this is done on purpose, or by accident, I don't know. But this is another attempt to guide you out from your own ignorance.

    "As for why the whole nation didn't come out, did every black person in America come out to demonstrate for civil rights? Did every Indian join Gandhi's marches for independence? Your arguments are so shallow and simplistic, please put some more thought into them"

    I never said the whole nation had to come out! Where did I ever say the whole nation HAD to come out. During the revolts against the Shah, about 25% of the people would come out and protest. During all the events you mentioned, in the US, more than 1% of blacks protested! In India, Ghandi had the WHOLE country supporting him, more than 1% of Indians showed up!!

    My argument was that in Iran, when only ONE percent of the population protests against an election, one can assume that they don't have popular support! Its that simple. You ASSUME that all the people that didn't come out, still supported the protests, and that basically 100% of the population is against the government!

    On the contrary, your arguments are so simplistic that it baffles my mind!! you have a complete disconnect from Iran. You surround yourself with dissidents and claim to be the majority.

    And for the last time! your definition of Fascism runs completely against Iranian politics! Fascists don't have parliaments, Fascists don't have people voting! Fascists don't allow any opposition or reformists to even win elections! Fascists are not Iranians. Seriously, you have NEVER been to Iran, there are dozens of newspapers in Iran and not all of them support the government. Iran actually has MORE than one party in parliament. Iran just like any other country, has centralized control of some industries, such as Water, Telephone, Oil, and Transportation! Wait, doesn't the UK have majority stakes in the national airline, in france, there is national control of all utilities, there is national control of water, In the US, there is medicare, medicaid, the government has a majority stake in carmakers, and amtrak, and many other companies!

    But to you, it doesn't matter, because you can't possibly be misguided in your views. You don't need to provide facts for anything, you don't need confirmation of anything, after all, this is your blog like you mention so many times, you don't need anything that remotely resembles facts, you just want people to take your word.

  23. And Anon,

    What the hell are you talking about my mind is closed? I don't listen to a word some dissident says because its LIES. he has never been to Iran to actually see our country. He just surrounds himself with people like him, and he doesn't provide any facts for anything, he just spouts them out like they are all true.

    Also, I don't care about gay rights, or anything thats not considered anti-islamic. to each his own. thats not my business.

    Also, to long, minority dissidents abroad have given Iranians in Iran a bad name, and our government a bad name because they disagree with them. Anyone who is not supportive of their cause is "closed minded", or "fascist", or "hopeless", oh wait, thats exactly what you say about me....hmmm....

  24. Anonymous: I do not doubt that you are right :)

    SZ: A course in rudimentary politics would do you some good, Iran's parliament is worthless when it bans those who oppose it from running


    Also you are making wild stabs in the dark, when did I tell you I'd never been to Iran, hmm? I told you it was IRRELEVANT. Which it is.

    I am not against state control of industry, I am however against plutocracy and oligarchy which is what happens when a select few in Iran control the major industries. This article sums up my point of view very well:


    And au contraire, I have provided many sources and references, you have provide a grand total of ZERO. You just rant and rave :)

  25. I have lots and lots of family in Iran, I have a passport from the "islamic republic" of Iran, and I go Iran very very often. I am not a dissident.

    Yet, i agree with 99.9& of Arash's "opinions". :)

  26. **Yet, i agree with 99.9% of Arash's "opinions". :)**

  27. Anon,

    Thats why you post as anonymous right? Suuuure.....

    Ill post as anonymous and ill say i'm the queen of england, maybe you'll believe me.

  28. Arash,

    Again, you need to take a course in rudimentary politics. Iran's parliament is actually pretty evenly balanced between conservatives and liberals. People that are disqualified, are done so for a reason, forgive me for not taking seriously a "Channel 4" Local news report from the UK with regards to Iranian politics.

    Seriously, you post articles that the UK and US news media post about iran, which they claim is their enemy...hmm..very trustworthy sites you here, what kind of student are you again?

    SOmeone like you is easy to read, you are young, and easily impressionable, I can guarantee you have never been to Iran. Just by the way you write and by the way you take things at face value it shows me you are a young Iranian kid who has lived in the UK his whole life and has no idea about the real world.

    Please show me what industries in Iran are Plutocracies, and Oligarchies.

    You say a select few control major industries in Iran...hmm..then you must absolutely hate the United States.....

    "In the United States, wealth is highly concentrated in a relatively few hands. As of 2004, the top 1% of households (the upper class) owned 34.3% of all privately held wealth, and the next 19% (the managerial, professional, and small business stratum) had 50.3%, which means that just 20% of the people owned a remarkable 85%, leaving only 15% of the wealth for the bottom 80% (wage and salary workers)."


    You can read the research for your pleasure. Don't sit there and criticize Iran and say that the wealth is only in the hands of the Ayatollah's and some few, when that is the case in every western nation, including the UK and the US. Thats called the pot calling the kettle black. Don't be a hypocrite.

    And for the record, you site "Channel 4" as your sources, while I site Wikipedia, and US universities as mine, you criticize my wikipedia sources, but you go posting local Channel 4 stubs, and Forbes articles from 2003 written by a guy who admitted he was against the Iranian regime.

    You really need to learn more in school, your parents are wasting their money!

  29. SZ:

    You are seriously misinformed if you think Channel 4 News is a "local news" report, it is one of the best news services in the UK and is highly respected. My point still stands :)

    Forbes is the personal enemy of the Iranian regime? I wasn't aware of that, I thought Forbes was one of the most eminent business magazines in the world. Put aside your pathetic Islamic Republic paranoia and make some real arguments please.

    I am indeed against American laissez faire economics and indeed inequality, that is a fault of uncontrolled capitalism. Though yet again I must remind you that THIS BLOG IS ABOUT IRAN. This blog is not to highlight problems elsewhere in the world, though I'm sure they exist. I showed you the article that gave examples of how industry and business in Iran are controlled by the Mullah oligarchy. Read it.

    Lol, you think Wikipedia is a better source than Channel 4 News? I think you're what they call a "troll" on the Internet. But just for you:


    Also, I don't go to school, my parents don't pay for me, I also don't appreciate being patronised by someone like you who can't source anything apart from wikipedia. You know what they say about people who live in glass houses, right? :)

  30. Don't worry SZ, I don't need to prove myself to the likes of you. i am against lots and lots of laws in the Uk and USA (namely drug laws), but seeing as this blog is about IRAN, not USA or UK, i thought it would be best to STAY ON TOPIC, and discuss IRANIAN politics.

    Why do you bring up stories about other countries? Does the name of this blog not give you a hint? *observing IRAN*

    How do we really know that you live in Iran? Not that it proves anything if you really do live in Iran...


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