Friday, 4 September 2009

Caspian Makan "at risk of torture" in Evin

The case of Neda Agha Soltan is well known and is one of the examples that show how the satanic Islamic Republic is completely devoid of humanity and compassion. I doubt there is a single person with access to TV, a newspaper or a radio who hasn't heard of her, for not only did they murder the poor woman in cold blood, then deny her a funeral, now Amnesty International reports that her fiancé has been locked up in the infamous Evin Prison since June 26th where he's had no access to a lawyer or to his family, and nor has he been charged with any crime!

The Islamic Regime however says that if he signs a confession stating that the People's Mojahedin Organisation of Iran killed Neda, he may be released. This isn't entirely surprising, the Islamic Republic has tried pinning Neda's death on everyone from the CIA to Iranian dissidents using their mouthpiece PressTV, and now it's the PMOI's turn. Amnesty fear that such a "confession" will be made under torture. Again, this isn't surprising either, we've all heard the reports Mehdi Karroubi has given of the rape and torture of Iranian detainees in prisons, and the Islamic Republic has a history of forcing confessions out of those who stand up to it, why would Caspian Makan be treated differently?

The doctor who attempted to save Neda, Dr Arash Hejazi has since fled Iran for fear of his safety. Who could blame him? After all, the Islamic Republic is totally inhumane, they kill an innocent woman, keep her fiancé in prison for over 10 weeks in horrendous conditions, and then attempt to force him to sign a false confession. The worst part is that they claim divine approval for these vile acts, don't forget that Khamenei is God's representative on Earth...

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