Monday, 21 September 2009

How to lie through your teeth, Islamic Republic style

Ahmadinejad has given his first interview since his "re-election", to NBC news. It's a fairly predictable affair, the guy is totally indifferent and incompetent, he couldn't govern a village council let alone a country. I found it amusing when the reporter asked him if he'd stolen the election, he avoided the question with a smug smile on his face and started declaring how people could express "opposing opinions within the confines of the law". The problem is that an awful lot of things in Iran (like writing and protesting against the government) are outside of the confines of the law. It makes the "opposing" part of "opposing opinions" rather redundant...unless you're willing to pay the heavy price for dissent.

The thing is, Ahmadinejad and the Mullah regime are amongst the most patronising people on the planet, they take Iranians and non-Iranians alike for a bunch of fools who were born yesterday. When Ahmadinejad declares "in Iran expressing one's point of view is totally permissable", doesn't he realise that for the past 30 years the world has watched, seen and noted the rapes, tortures and murders that the Islamic Republic inflicts on people with a different "point of view"? When he says that Neda's death is being treated as "suspicious", does he expect a medal? But just for his information, we already know who did it, and whilst the Islamic Republic invents conspiracy theories to distract the world, the vile Basij are still out there killing more innocent people.

At the end of the day, an incompetent and lying regime like this cannot last, to quote Abraham Lincoln: "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time".

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  1. This interview may serve the people of Iran quite beneficially, given it highlights Ahmadinjed's attempts to evade a direct response to the questions posed by Curry. In some way, it serves to expose his lies.

    Thank you for bringing this footage to our attention.

  2. Mehrtash, I think you are right, he is such a laughing stock that no one can take him seriously. Furthermore, anyone except the most ardent regime supporter can see his obvious prevarication and lies. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Persians lie so much to eachother every single day that they can't tell the difference between truth and reality. Its no wonder they have such a rediculous government that promises to move in a liberal direction yet goes backwards.

    Persians greet eachother by offering themselves in slavery and saying take my car you can have it, and thats just their way of saying hello.

    We think we have it bad in the west... well our politicans and salesman lie. In Iran, everyone lies, to themselves, to everyone around them, to everyone.

    Truth is a scarce commodity in Iran.

    & Im no racist. I have had two Persian girlfriends and I've seen it before my very eyes. Makes me kind of sick to my stomach when I ask, "How can you lie like that." And then I receive a response like, "You white people would never understand. Our culture is so much more sophisticated than yours."

    I'll take an unsophisticated truth over a sophisticated lie any day... thank you.


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