Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Larijani brothers and Iranian students

Firstly: A HUGE thank you to my friend Folderol for designing the new logo-header for this blog. I'm sure you'll all agree that it looks fantastic, and all the credit should be given to him :D

But now for a group of people who are not being appreciated...I almost feel sorry for the Larijani brothers, they seem to attract a lot of trouble whenever they enter Iranian universities. In December 2008 Ali Larijani (Speaker of the Iranian Parliament) was told by the brave students of Shiraz University that they reject him as he is the "leader of an illegal parliament" and on October 4th 2009, his brother Javad visited Sharif University in Tehran (by invitation from the Basij) where he received the following welcome from the Iranian students, who are quite clearly sick of sanctimonious and oppressive government officials visiting them:

Students booing and protesting at Javad Larijani's presence:

Students shouting "death to dictators":

Students continuing to shout "death to dictators", chanting "coup d'etat government, resign, resign" and chanting in favour of Mir Hossein Mousavi:

Always remember these brave students who are fighting fearlessly for freedom, whilst the pseudo-liberals like Obama and George Galloway appease the Mullah regime!

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  1. These Larijani brothers should have listened to my oldest uncle about not putting all their eggs in one basket :)


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