Saturday, 12 December 2009

Ey Shahid

The song is called "Ey Shahid", or "O Martyr" starts off with pictures of heroes from Iran's ancient past e.g. Arash Kamangir, Kouroush (Cyrus) the Great and Babak Khorramdin and goes on to show photos of those involved in Iran's century long struggle for freedom and democracy e.g. Sattar Khan, Dr Mossadegh and Dr Fatemi. It shows pictures of the Islamist takeover of Iran, the eight year war with Iraq and finishes with photos of the new resistance movement that was born in the aftermath of the events of June 2009.


We swear to the cry expired in blood,
We swear to the martyr who relinquished life,
We swear to the last call,
We swear to the mother's shaking tears,

We swear to the name of freedom,
We swear to the moment you passed away,
We swear to the heart torn apart,
We swear to the martyr lying in blood,

We swear to the will of comrades,
We swear to the faithful oppressed ones,
We swear to the tired ones ready to die,
We swear to the brave heart companions,

That until the last breath we will continue your way, O Martyr!
That our way will be that way of yours, O Martyr!

Everyone move forward, together we sing, long live our dear eternal Iran!

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