Monday, 8 November 2010

Mullahs - the most anti-Iranian people on the planet

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The Islamic Republic has long had a passionate love affair with the Middle East's number one terrorist group, Hezbollah and its leader Hassan Nasrallah. The Islamic Republic funds Hezbollah to the tune of $200m a year, and regularly meets with its leaders, including just last month. One can understand why, given that the medievalist clerics in Iran have a lot in common with their Arab counterparts.

Nasrallah has appeared in a video in which he proclaims that "there is no Persian civilisation...only Islamic", which aside from being racist is 100% incorrect. Iranians are not Arabs and they have never been Arabs. The majority of Iranians are Persians and speak Persian, not Arabic. Though one can see why under his Islamic Republic masters, Nasrallah may (mistakenly) believe that Persian civilisation does not exist.

For the past 31 years, the illiterate gang of Mullahs and their thugs that rule Iran have been engaged in a persistant attempt to destroy Iranian culture, and replace it with Islamic culture. The founder of the Islamic Republic, the epitome of human evil, Ayatollah Khomeini was particularly brazen about this when he went on the record to say "I say let this land [Iran] burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world". Stirring stuff.

Aside from imposing Islamic law on the country (a bit like putting Iran in a time machine bound for 7th century Arabia), the Mullahs then changed Iran's flag with the 2500 year old symbol of the Lion and the Sun to a flag with Arabic writing on it. The ruling thugs also pondered changing the Persian Gulf to the "Islamic Gulf", though obviously they were unsuccessful in this regard except with Osama Bin Laden who used the term in 1996. The Mullahs went on to ban the naming of newborns with Persian names, dictating instead that only Islamic (Arabic) names were allowed.

Having then changed the names of roads, squares and even metro stations to those of Islamic "heroes" or "martyrs" (said "heroes and martyrs" include actual terrorists and murderers), the Mullahs turned their eyes to the education system. During the "Cultural" Revolution of the early 1980s, universities were purged of secular and liberal students and academics, and many thousands were imprisoned and killed. Universities with Persian names were changed to Arabic or Islamic names. At 1:15 one of the main ideologues of the "Cultural" Revolution Abdolkarim Soroush is recommending that "the universities must from head to toe accept the fragrance of Islamic thought".

The Islamic Republic carried on its determined path of "de-Iranianising" Iran by also striking from school textbooks any mention of the prophet Zoroaster, the elevated status of Persian women in pre-Islamic Iran. The Cyrus Cylinder, the worlds first Charter of Human Rights (even mentioned in the Bible) is not mentioned, nor is Cyrus the Great's freeing of the Jews from slavery. The sections on ancient Iran are fraught with inaccuracies and mistakes. In all, 37 pages of a middle school textbook are related to pre-Islamic Iran whilst 2.5 volumes are dedicated to the violent antics of Islam and Mohammad.

The Mullahs have an immense hatred of anything to do with ancient Iran, the most obvious example being the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei's yearly sermon, (which the Iranian people studiously ignore) on the "evils" of the traditional Persian New Year celebrations. The Islamic Republic also loathes physical manifestations of Iran's pre-Islamic past and the likes of the mentally deranged psychopath Ayatollah Khalkhali advocated the destruction of Iran's cultural treasures such as Persepolis and Pasargad.

At the heart of all of this, is the Islamic concept of "Ommah" or community, which is the idea that Islam transcends and should replace individual nations and cultures with Islamic culture and Islamic rule. For the Islamic Republic and for Hezbollahis like Nasrallah, the idea of Iranian nationhood and culture, a culture renowned for its humanity and liberalness, is scary as it undermines the very concepts of fascism and tyranny which are at the centre of religious law. It's no surprise that the Mullahs have tried to destroy Iranian culture.

Of course, the credit here should be given to Iran's people who have bravely resisted and protected Iran's culture. They have carried on giving Iranian names to their children, they fly Iran's flag without the Arabic Allah symbol, they still revere the likes of Cyrus the Great and give their lives to resist the fascist Mullahs. The Islamic Republic is nothing but an illegal occupation regime run by a gang of anti-Iranian thugs who seek to replace Iranian culture with Arab-Islamic traditions. But 1400 years ago the Arabs couldn't destroy Iran, what makes Khamenei think he can do it today? Contrary to what Nasrallah and his masters in Iran believe, Persian civilisation is eternal and Iranians will never let go of their culture.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Mir Hossein Mousavi and the 1988 massacre of political prisoners


"Mir Hossein is coming, and this time he comes with a green rope"

The Telegraph has finally picked up on what Iranians have known for several decades now, that the so called "reformist" Mir Hossein Mousavi is nothing but an oppurtunist Islamist with a history of mass murder and racketeering.

The report (download here) focuses on Mousavi's involvement in the 1988 massacre of political prisoners, during which time he served as the Islamic Regime's Prime Minister. The victims of this atrocity were mainly communists, leftists and members of the Mojahedin e Khalgh, groups which had first been involved in armed resistance against the Shah's regime and then began attacking the Islamic Regime in the 1980s, succeeding in killing many high profile figures of the tyrannical regime.

Khomeini's revenge against the prisoners was brutal, and the massacre included the execution of children and pregnant women. In his own words:

"It is naive to show mercy to those who wage war on God . . . I hope that with your revolutionary rage and rancor toward the enemies of Islam, you can satisfy the Almighty"

So as the author of the report, Geoffery Robertson QC goes on to say:

"They were hung from cranes, four at a time, or in groups of six from ropes hanging from the stage of the prison assembly hall," the report states. "Their bodies were doused with disinfectant, packed in refrigerated trucks, and buried by night in mass graves."

Under the Islamic Regime however, the people involved in such atrocities, far from not being held accountable for their crimes, live on and carry on working in the system, witness the promotion of Hojjatoleslam Mostafa Pourmohammadi (a member of the 1988 execution committee) to Cabinet Minister under Ahmadinejad. He is just one of many criminal perpetrators including Raisi, Mobasheri and Shushtari who all went on to get promotions within the Islamic junta, most interestingly Ayatollah Gilani who headed the Guardian Council of the time and went on to receive the Islamic Republic's Medal of Justice last year from Ahmadinejad.

Mousavi has never actually repented for his involvement in these crimes, as he stated himself in 1988:

"[The prisoners] had plans to perpetrate killings and massacres," he claimed. "We had to crush the conspiracy ... in that respect we have no mercy."

Funny then that last year in the run up to the Presidential "elections", he hastility beat a retreat and when questioned by students about his role in these crimes he simply replied that:

"[his] branch of the executive had nothing to do with the "trials".

Mr Robertson goes on to make an excellent point both inside the report and in an article he wrote in the Guardian:

"There is still time for the UN security council to enforce international law by setting up a court to try the perpetrators of the prison massacres. This may be a better way to deal with a theocracy whose behaviour in 1988 provides the best reason for concern over its future behaviour with nuclear weapons".

This is the best way of dealing with murderers like Khamenei, Mousavi and Rafsanjani, not endless rounds of useless sanctions which the regime laughs at, or worse, attempts at diplomacy with this fascist regime.

The ex-Evin detainee Maziar Bahari was quoted as saying after his release that "The prisoner’s worst nightmare is the thought of being forgotten". Bahari had an advantage in that he was a Western based high-profile journalist. Those killed in 1988 were by and large students and ordinary people. To ensure that their memories are preserved, we must not allow the Islamic Republic criminals to recast themselves as "pragmatists" or "reformists", when in fact they are nothing but the terrorists and murderers of yesteryear.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Islamic Republic Embassy in Oslo attacked

Iranian communists attack the Islamic Republic's Embassy and diplomatic cars in Oslo, Norway:

They shout "Death to the Islamic Republic", "Death to the Republic of Executions", "Death to the Velayat-e-Faqih", "Death to religious government" and even "Death to Islam".

Yes, this is a violent protest, yes it is not pleasant or is pure hatred. But after 31 years of rape, murder and repression, I for one believe that this 4 minute clip is worth more than any number of hours stood outside the Embassy in a "peaceful protest". For how long will we continue insisting on "peaceful" resistance whilst they massacre Iran's people?

Monday, 10 May 2010

Islamic Republic Consulate in London attacked

An excellent video showing a group from the Worker's Communist Party of Iran attacking the Consulate of the Islamic Republic Regime of Iran in Kensington, in response to the execution of five more political prisoners in Iran who were charged with being "anti-revolutionary". In fact the real "crime" of these prisoners was their links to Kurdish nationalist parties.

If each and every Islamic Republic funded lobby group and organisation was treated like this, perhaps the IRI would think twice before setting up these vile terror cells in the UK.

Next stop, PressTV?

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

In defence of Caspian Makan

The Jerusalem Post has reported that Caspian Makan, the fiance of Neda Agha Soltan has been to Israel and has spoken with the Israeli President, Shimon Peres. Since then there's been a lot of complaints, anger and outright disgust at Mr Makan's actions, sadly most of it from the so-called "reformist" Green Movement.

Mr Makan, having been tortured in Iran after the murder of his fiance, fled and went to Canada. Since then he has done a lot of good work in trying to keep the focus on the situation in Iran and the what's been going on since June 2009. He arrived in Israel last week and was quoted as saying "I come to Israel as an ambassador of the Iranian people, a messenger from the camp of peace" and "I have no doubt that Neda's spirit and soul feels the sensitivity and warmth I received in this meeting". President Peres in turn replied by saying “you can murder a person, but not a spirit. One candle can scatter a lot of darkness. And this candle will not be extinguished. In this struggle, I am sure that the progressive and moral Iran will emerge victorious.”

Every Islamic Republic passport bears the statement, "the bearer of this passport is forbidden from traveling to occupied Palestine" i.e. Israel. By visiting Israel Makan has essentially given two fingers to the regime. But what's happened since the meeting has been very telling and of great interest to me:

Now, here's what I think:

The charge that Makan was not Neda's fiance is patent nonsense, and Neda's mother herself has confirmed that they were in a relationship and planning to get married. Then again, it doesn't surprise me that a website aligned to Mir Hossein Mousavi and his "Green Movement" would be hostile to anyone who has the temerity to visit the Israel, let us not forget that Mousavi himself was Prime Minister of Iran whilst the IRGC was actively helping the Hezbollah Islamic Fundamentalists in their war against Israel and was involved in the bombing of the US Embassy in Lebanon. If that isn't enough proof for you, there's also the fact that he called Israel a cancerous tumour, whilst in office. It therefore doesn't come as much of a surprise that Islamic Republic "reformists", still loyal to the theocratic system, would attack Makan.

The other charge is that by visiting Israel, Makan is harming the "opposition" movement, and giving ammunition to those that claim that Iran's protesters are all Americanised lackeys. Given that for quite some time Iranians have been shouting, "Not for Palestine, not for Lebanon, only for Iran do I give my life", we can see that a lot of Iranians are not the raving anti-Zionists that Ahmadinejad would have you believe. Iranians have a lot of problems to deal with in Iran, hating on Israel is really quite low down on the list of priorities at the moment. In addition, the Islamic Republic already blames the current unrest on foreign powers, so whether or not Makan makes a visit to Israel, the Iranian opposition will still be accused of being foreign stooges. It's an entirely illogical point for the Green movement's media to make.

Anyway, if the Iranian opposition movement is so weak and Ahmadinejad-esque that it feels "harmed" by someone going on a goodwill visit to the Middle East's only democracy, then it's a rotten, bigoted opposition movement anyway and not one I have any interest in supporting as it's on the same level as Ahmadinejad and his vile rhetoric. Where is Rahe Sabz's outrage at the Turkish Prime Minister's recent visit to Iran, after he denied the Armenian genocide? Rahe Sabz don't give a fig about the Palestinian people's rights, they're just toeing the Islamic Republic's anti-Semitic line.

At least PressTV maintain a consistent line, they've always been thuggish anti-Semites, however when the self proclaimed free thinkers of the Green movement round on a man and assasinate his character simply for going against what the Islamic Republic's fanatical supporters believe in, I believe that is wrong and just the sort of hypocrisy which makes me view the Green Movement's leaders and media with distaste.

I myself have no problem with Makan visiting Israel, any message of peace and goodwill is long overdue in my opinion. The Islamic Republic for thirty years has engaged in terrorism and hatred, and much worse has declared that it has done so in the name of Iran's people, who by and large are not the intolerant fanatics that the regime paints them out to be. Caspian Makan is simply shouting "this is not in my name". I for one support him.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Happy New Year

Happy Norouz to all readers
In the hope of freedom and victory in the coming year

به تمام خوانندگان عزیز تبریک عرض می‌کنم، به امید آزادی و پیروزی

نوروز خجسته باد


Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Chaharshanbe Souri Report

Chaharshanbeh Souri was celebrated today in Iran, up and down the country, by Iranians of all different shades of skin colour, languages and religions, but all united by their common culture. This was the day that the Islamofascist clerics desperately didn't want to see. The regime tried all manner of tactics to prevent the population coming out, from playing 11 movies back to back on TV, to police threats and transforming Tehran into a military garrison. It did not work.

Some choice clips of brave Iranians, resisting the terrorist Islamic Republic Regime:

Pictures of Khamenei and Khomeini being torched in Sa'adat Abad district of Tehran:

Protesters shouting "Death to Dictator" and clashing with security forces, in Boroujerd, Lorestan Province:

Protesters shouting "Death to Dictator" in Sadeghi Square, Tehran:

Protesters throwing copies of the Regime's ultra-fascist Kayhan newspaper into the bonfire:

Firefighters attempt to put out a fire in a Basiji car which has been set alight by protesters:

Chaharshanbe Souri in Shiraz:

Chaharshanbe Souri in Ardabil:

Up and down the country, from east to west, the Islamic Regime was resisted by the people, note the protesters in Lorestan, Esfahan, Shiraz and so on. Are these the same North Tehran rich kids that George Galloway goes on about? :))) Is this also the same country which Flynt Leverett and CASMII declared "is in no way a society on the verge of fundamental political upheaval"? :))

The misguided propaganda of Islamic Republic apologists aside, we can see that this is yet another step towards freedom and the final overthrowing of the Islamic Republic. The bravery of the people of Iran will pay off.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Islamism vs Iranian Culture

Chaharshanbe Souri is celebrated on the eve of the last Wednesday of the year (Iranian calendar that is). It is an ancient Iranian festival, and has been celebrated for thousands of years, and is rooted in Iran's true religion: Zoroastrianism. The ancient tradition involves jumping over a small bonfire whilst shouting "sorkhi-ye to az man, zardi-ye man az to", loosely translated to "grant me your reds, capture my yellows". For Zoroastrians fire is a purifying element, so when Iranians jump over the fire and say that, they are wanting the fire to rid them of their weak, sickly yellows and grant them the fiery, warm energy of red for the coming year. The Iranian New Year falls on the Spring Equinox, so the colour green is also of great significance as it is the colour of Spring and life.

When Khomeini took over Iran in 1979, one of the first acts of the new regime was to immediately attempt to stamp on every pre-Islamic tradition in Iran. The likes of Khalkhali even went was far as to advocate the destruction of such cultural treasures as Persepolis and Pasargad. The new regime also attempted to crush the celebration of Iranian New Year and Chaharshanbe Souri and so on, preferring Iran to only stick to Arab-Islamic celebrations. Only by pure bravery did the people resist and cling onto their traditions.

Every year the Islamofascists in Iran urge the population to reject the ancient Iranian New Year and Chaharshanbe Souri celebrations. This year is no different, here's what Khamenei had to say:

"[Charshanbe Soori] "has no basis in sharia and creates a lot of harm and corruption, (which is why) it is appropriate to avoid it."

How on earth does Chaharshanbe Souri and the Iranian New Year, which celebrate the coming of Spring, the rebirth of life and so on "spread harm and corruption"? This coming from a man who ardently follows Islam, an imposed religion which has been violent towards Iranians since day 1 and has caused far more corruption than a New Year's celebration ever did. Does Khamenei really expect anyone in Iran to listen to him? Does he expect the Iranian people to abandon their traditions which they have celebrated for thousands of years (before Mohammad was even thought of), to listen to his backward and racist opinions?

I note that the "reformist" Mir Hossein Mousavi has meekly fallen behind his master Khamenei and is closely toeing the line by "urg[ing] his supporters not to use the event for anti-government rallies and not to provoke hardliners during Charshanbe Soori". However, just three days ago, Mousavi's wife the "Islamic feminist"(?) Zahra Rahnavard called on the population to use Chaharshanbe Souri to remember the victims of the repression of the last few months. So which will it be? The "reform" movement would be far less useless if it didn't contradict itself at every turn by attempting to appease both the Mullahs and the Iranian people. Make your minds up!

Is there anyone more anti-Iranian and racist towards Iranian culture than this scourge of clerics? For 31 years they have attempted to Arabise the Iranian nation. However, like I said above, this is nothing new, they have time and time again attempted to stamp out Iranian nationhood and time and time again the Iranian people have fought back in defence of their culture. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens tomorrow night.

See also:

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Monday, 8 March 2010

International Women's Day 2010

International Women's Day 1979, a month after the Islamist takeover of Iran:

Three decades on we can see that the struggle for women's equality, freedom and liberty continues in Iran:

"Woman = Man"

Long live the movement for women's rights!

زنده باد جنبش زنان


Friday, 5 March 2010

Anniversary of Dr Mossadegh's death

Forty three years since the death of Iran's premier democrat, secularist, civic nationalist and liberal thinker, Iran more than ever before is in need of Dr Mossadegh's ideals.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Three Terrorists

At the latest meeting of the Middle East's foremost dictators, this photo was taken.

Please let the day come when this photo will simply be a piece of history, and not a living nightmare for tens of millions of innocent people as it currently is.

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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The aftermath of the disruption of the UCL Regime Seminar

Update: Cross-posted with kind permission on Harry's Place.

The aftershocks of the Islamic Republic seminar that was due to take place last week, but which freedom supporters overran, are still reverberating.

The disruption of the event was featured on the front page of, Student Rights, Demotix, the frontpage of London Student newspaper, Harry's Place, as well as many personal weblogs.

I note with amusement that an Islamic Republic news website has picked up on the event, and even more amusingly has declared that "the supporters of three Iranian counter-revolutionary groups Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MKO), communists and monarchists took advantage of the session and disrupted it shortly after the beginning.". Very amusing given that of the three groups mentioned, only the Worker's Communist Party of Iran was present. But the Islamic Republic doesn't care about that, they thrive off creating an atmosphere of fear, and frequently blame their on crimes on Monarchists or the the Mojahedin, e.g. after the killing of Neda by the Basij.

Even more interestingly, Alireza Bahmanpour one of the promoters of UCL AhlulBayt's "1979-The Revolution that Shook the World" event has issued a statement, as follows:

"So announce the Good News to My Servants- Those who listen to different Words, and follow the best of it: those are the ones whom Allah has guided, and those are the ones endued with understanding." (Holy Quran- Surah Zumar, verses 17 & 18).

On Thursday 11th February, the event held at UCL by the AhlulBayt society entitled “1979 - The Revolution that Shook the World” was disrupted by a group of individuals claiming to be standing for “democracy” and “freedom of speech” ironically, only 10 minutes into the program. The disruption was completely unnecessary with reference to the nature of the event; it involved shouting and aggressive behaviour on the part of a few. The fire alarm was also activated and we will be following this up with UCL security and Police.

Their actions are inexcusable and the AhlulBayt Society does not condone such behaviour. The event was meant to be educational, inviting dialogue and sensible discussion. We welcome people of different beliefs and opinions and it is for that reason that a Q+A had been arranged afterwards, which was unable to go ahead. We do not however welcome unruly behaviour and violence. The AhlulBayt Society expects the UCL union to condemn the actions of these disruptive groups whose actions clearly contravenes their policy on freedom of speech. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused by the event cancellation as well as for not making clear beforehand that our security measures had to be heightened for safety reasons.

The UCL AhlulBayt Society is voluntarily run by students under the UCL Union Student Body. False claims were made against us unsurprisingly, by the same few who disrupted the event- the AhlulBayt Society categorically rejects any claim of affiliation with the Iranian government and the society does not hold a view on Iranian politics of today, the intention of the event was purely to look at the rising in 1979 in the face of oppression.

We as a society do not believe in turning away from controversial events, rather the opposite. We encourage seeking the truth through dialogue and fair presentation of views. We apologise if anybody has been offended by our last event, please know that this is not our intention and we urge our members and those interested in our events not to be dispelled from being a part of the AhlulBayt Society in the future.

Finally, we would like to thank the Police and security personnel at UCL for removing these individuals. We would also like to thank our speakers and guests for remaining calm and for cooperating with security. We offer our apologies for any inconvenience caused and look forward to seeing you all at our future events, hopefully including one along a similar theme to this one.

Peace and blessings,

UCL ABSoc Committee

This appears to be the same Alireza Bahmanpour who posted this disgusting video on the Facebook event page, promoting Ahmadinejad's statement that "liberalism and Marxism would crush all human dignity". Right, because Khomeinism has been conducive to human dignity?

Bahmanpour bemoans the fact that the event was "disrupted by a group of individuals claiming to be standing for “democracy” and “freedom of speech” ironically, only 10 minutes into the program" and goes on to state that the Society's "freedom of speech" was "contravened". Over the past week, I've had some flak from various people for my part in "depriving" the regime lackies Yvonne Ridley and Mohammad Marandi of their "free speech".

Let me for once and for all dispel this argument. The Islamic Republic has never been democratic. It has inflicted itself upon the Iranian people and through terror, intimidation, rape and murder silences them and keeps itself in power. Therefore, it can be deduced that the Islamic Republic regime are terrorists. When was the last time our universities granted a platform to the IRA? Or Al Qaeda? Or the Taliban? The Islamic Republic is just like these groups, and worse. I stand 100% behind my actions in spreading the word and raising awareness about the vile nature of this event and its speakers (both in the employ of the Islamic Republic), which lead to its eventual disruption. It has nothing to do with depriving people of "free speech" and everything to do with resisting a fascist, terrorist regime. Anyone who has a problem with my stance should also start condemning the French Resistance because they "deprived" the Nazis of the right to terrorise France and the French people.

Another argument the event organisers and their supporters throw at us is this nonsense about "
The event was meant to be educational, inviting dialogue and sensible discussion". That is patently untrue. The AhlulBayt Society organises an event attended by two of the vilest promoters of the Islamic Republic, who both have a track record in spreading Islamic Republic lies and they tell us this is "educational"? No, this was a chance for the Islamic Republic to spread its propaganda. If they truly believe in "debate and dialogue" why didn't they invite a few monarchists to gain the royalist's perspective of the 1979 Revolution? Or a few Mojahedin Khalqs? Or a few Communists? These groups all played crucial roles in the Iranian Revolution! So much for discussion! This event was publicised as little as possible and was intended to be a PR stunt for the Islamic Republic on the 31st anniversary of their assumption of power, and make no mistake.

Bahmanpour goes on to state that the AhlulBayt Society "
categorically rejects any claim of affiliation with the Iranian government and the society does not hold a view on Iranian politics of today". I don't know who he thinks he's kidding. On 22 Bahman/11th February, when Iranians came out to fight against the very Islamists who hijacked the 1979 Revolution, UCL AhlulBayt organises an event declaring the "success" of the Revolution, to be backed up by two Islamic Republic propagandists? Who does he think he's kidding?

Alireza Bahmanpour strikes me as the sort of person that Iranians call a "bache sefarati". My old granddad warned me about bache sefaratis just before I started my first year at University. A "bache sefarati" (literal translation: "child of the embassy"), is a young person (often but not always) from a wealthy, conservative family in Iran who comes to the West for the sole purpose of gaining a decent education and disseminating Islamic Republic propaganda. They often have links with the Islamic Republic embassy in that country (hence the name) and do what they can to promote the Islamic Republic on university campuses. The Islamic Republic thrives off its network of apologists which attempt to misguide the masses. Amusingly enough, a quick glance at Bahmanpour's Facebook page reveal his stated political beliefs to be "خط امام و رهبری " (translation: Line of the Imam [i.e. Khomeini] and the Supreme Leader [i.e. Khamenei]. He is also a "fan" of PressTV, The Islamic Republic of Iran, Grand Ayatollah Khamenei and "The movement to defend the Revolutionary community and Supreme Leader - Sharif Industrial University". The other organisers of the event had similar information and stances on their pages. So to sum up, this event was organised by Islamic Republic supporters, invited Islamic Republic employees and still they claim to have no "view on Iranian politics of today"?

Bahmanpour's statement finishes rather ominously with the AhlulBayt society stating that they "look forward to seeing you all at our future events, hopefully including one along a similar theme to this one". From what I hear from my contacts at UCL, the AhlulBayt society has been rattled by the past week's events and is currently being investigated. However, rest assured Mr Bahmanpour, if you ever again do decide to spread Islamic Republic propaganda, I and other free thinking human beings will be there to stop you.

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Friday, 12 February 2010

People power on 22 Bahman

The Islamic Republic's attempted publicity stunt at UCL last night was a miserable failure. The following video really says it all as dozens of freedom activists poured into the lecture theatre, causing Yvonne Ridley the Ahmadinejad supporter to run off with her bodyguard after 10 minutes, and the meeting was abandoned!

My thanks in particular to Mr Potkin Azarmehr and Mr Elcid Asaei who publicised the sinister nature of this event in their blogs. Also to be thanked are the many people who emailed and rang UCL to complain against this disgusting propaganda. And last but certainly not least, a huge thank you to the free thinking students that poured into the lecture theatre and ensured that the Islamic Republic could not hijak 22 Bahman for its own ends.

Shame on UCL for allowing these Islamic Republic mercenaries a platform from which to indoctrinate British students and well done to those who ensured the eventual victory of this campaign!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

21 Bahman

"12-22 Bahman: Independence, Freedom, Iranian Republic"

Due to the difference in time zones, in Iran it has just become 22 Bahman, marking 31 years since the Iranian Revolution and the founding of the Islamic Republic. I cannot tell what tomorrow will bring or how successful it will be, but the Iranian people are certainly gearing up for a good fight for their liberty, so much so that yet again the Islamic Republic has got frightened and cut internet access.

I also know that this time tomorrow evening, there will be many parents in Iran anxiously waiting for news of their children, many children anxiously waiting for news of their parents or siblings. There will be many injured, many imprisoned and in all likelihood given the violent nature of this regime, some people will be killed.

It's strange to think that in just a few hours time, someone who is now fast asleep in Tehran may become the next Neda, the next Sohrab, the next Taraneh...may God, or Fate, or Karma or whatever you believe in protect the Iranian people at this crucial hour in their struggle for freedom and may we one day get the Iranian Republic that we deserve.

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Monday, 8 February 2010

UCL AhlulBayt Islamic Society - Latest apologists for Islamic Republic

Update: Cross-posted with kind permission on Harry's Place.

Yet again, our universities are turning a blind eye to the Islamic Republic apologists that seek to indoctrinate British students. This Thursday (11th Feb/22 Bahman), University College London's AhlulBayt Islamic Society is playing host to some of the vilest promoters of the Islamic Regime in Iran.

"1979 - The revolution that shook the world" will in their own words "explore the Islamic Revolutions in the Modern times, and why the 1979 Islamic Revolution led by Grand Ayatullah Khomeini was successful". And who should be presenting such an event? Why, none other than Ahmadinejad supporter and PressTV employee Yvonne Ridley and Tehran University professor and government lackey Mohammad Marandi who last week publicly defended the executions of Mohammad Reza Ali-Zamani and Arash Rahmanipour.

The National Union of Students and most university student unions are pretty vocal about their self proclaimed dislike of fascists. Most British universities have a "no platform" policy regarding the far right neo Nazi British National Party. However, these same groups can't recognise when a group of Islamic Republic fascists want to peddle propaganda! Would a talk given by the architects of the South African Apartheid regime be so palatable to these ignorant students? Why are our universities so misguided and why have the ignorant come to rule over us students?!

A cursory glance through the "attending" guest list immediately confirms my suspicions. There are more Pakistanis and Bengalis attending than Iranians, which frankly isn't surprising given that levels of support for the Islamic Republic are very high amongst the former two populations than amongst Iranians. These same Bengalis and Pakistanis who are seeing their countries torn apart by Islamofascism can't recognise it when it comes to the UK and attends their university! Aside from them, the minority of Iranians that are attending are the usual crew....hardcore Islamists who have photos of Khomeini as their profile pictures and "خط امام" (Line of the Imam) as their political view.

To further conflate matters, surprise surprise, this event is being held on February 11th (22 Bahman) the 31st anniversary of the Iranian Revolution of 1979. Huge protests are scheduled all over Iran as the Iranian people continue to fight for their freedom and liberty, such that yet again the Islamic Regime has cut internet access in Iran, and what a coincidence that on the night of these protests here in the UK (where the regime can't cut internet access, but can mislead the masses), a talk will be given on the "success" of the Revolution! Does anyone still have doubts that UCL AhlulBayt Islamic Society is just another front for the Islamic Republic?

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Monday, 25 January 2010

Karroubi the Traitor

Further proof that "reformists" are all Islamic Republic loyalists.

I have nothing else to add, that sums it all up.

All of you out there who put your faith in traitors like Karroubi and Mousavi, please wake up and smell the coffee! These men are not and never have been your friends, they are not on your side, they are in fact spineless charlatans who use the Iranian people to further the terrorist Islamic Republic regime.

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Sunday, 10 January 2010

I am the owner of this land...

Song written by Hamed Nikpay, performed by Parnaz and Ashkan.

As the academic year gets underway soon, I will have less time to be on here. I thought I would just leave you all with this lovely song, which was played at full blast on Kensington Road on 13 Aban/4th November, quite a sight!

You are that thorn, that garbage
You are lower than dirt
You are that thorn, that garbage
You are lower than dirt
You are that thorn, that garbage
You are lower than dirt

I am passionate, I am the light
I am the love of the wretched
I am passionate, I am the light
I am the love of the wretched

You are oppressor, you are blind, you wear the dark halo
You are oppressor, you are blind, you wear the dark halo
I am the fearless fighter, I am the owner of this land
I am the fearless fighter, I am the owner of this land

Comments are most welcome