Monday, 25 January 2010

Karroubi the Traitor

Further proof that "reformists" are all Islamic Republic loyalists.

I have nothing else to add, that sums it all up.

All of you out there who put your faith in traitors like Karroubi and Mousavi, please wake up and smell the coffee! These men are not and never have been your friends, they are not on your side, they are in fact spineless charlatans who use the Iranian people to further the terrorist Islamic Republic regime.

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  1. Finally! I don't think mr Karroubi is a traitor, he's just being realistic. Ahmadinejad is the winner, he can't change that. Let's hope other oposition leaders will join him soon... it would be best for Iran.

  2. It would be best for Iran to be a dictatorship?

    You really are on another planet.

  3. کروبی :به آن حکومت دینی که در نماز جمعه اش، از کشته شدن فرزندان ملت، ابراز خوشحالی میشود، اعتقادی ندارد

    This quote by Karroubi was blown out of context by the regime to divide and disappoint the Green supporters. Karroubi himself has since commented on this and explained many times


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