Saturday, 27 February 2010

Three Terrorists

At the latest meeting of the Middle East's foremost dictators, this photo was taken.

Please let the day come when this photo will simply be a piece of history, and not a living nightmare for tens of millions of innocent people as it currently is.

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  1. Please explain how Nasrallah is a terrorist? if it were not for him, Lebanon could be **** now, if the Israelis kept invading. Hezbollah look after the southern Lebanese very well, and they are a legitimate defence group.

    Just because the US and UK brand them as terrorists does not make them terrorists. Please tell me one incident when they have killed innocents, without it being needed? If they have attacked in the past, then yeh, I agree, they are terrorists. but in this current time, please elaborate? As i said earlier, if it wasnt for them, then thousands of Lebanese would be dead.

  2. Here you go:


  3. A JDAM bomb dropped on that table would have helped the cause of world peace immensely

  4. Arash: Thanks for referring us to, one of the most right-wing pro-Israeli propaganda "watchdog groups" around. Nothing like the "opposition" to have quick access to every anti-Iranian, anti-Arab, anti-Muslim, pro-Zionist, pro-Israel websites at hand to "prove your point". Do you have like thousands of bookmarks of these sites or something to just "fire-off" blindly whenever somebody asks a legitimate question that you don't understand or can't give an educated reply to yourself? If your just gonna take the easy way out of an argument, then kindly refer us to impartial sources that are neither left nor right, jihadist or zionist, in future, thankyou.

    Winston: Kindly explain to everyone how killing Ahmadinejad, Assad, or Nasrallah, with a JDAM (for an Iranian you do have a suspiciously intimate knowledge of US weapons of war.. but anyway that's armchair generals for ya) would help the "cause of world peace immensely" Did executing Saddam do the same in Iraq? Should we expect Hamas actions to grind to a halt now that Al-Moubah was killed? Did the killing of Mugnayieh in '08 (who I doubt you have have even heard of..) who was even more instrumental to Hezbollah operations than Nasrallah bring about the end of the movement? Somehow I think killing those 3 would probably have DETRIMENTAL affects for _world_ peace. I can find you 3 people even more hardline and fascist to replace that lot and you would have an even dicier situation on your hands. Since when is it "world peace" that is at stake anyway? How does the actions of Hezbollah or Hamas or any other Iranian "proxy" who is fighting Israeli occupation affect you and your ilk in Canada? Killing an individual only creates a martyr out of them.. most educated folk can understand this :) The ideology if anything gets more intense and this enables movements like Hezbollah to gain more followers, history has PROVEN this :) Anyhow, I look forward to your educated and well thought out, analytical response. Nevertheless, I'm sure if I just stare out of my office window I'll see a pig fly by a lot sooner :-)


  5. Do you expect a Hezbollahi source to call Hezbollah terrorists? Seriously now.

    Anti Hezbollah =/= Anti Arab
    Anti Hezbollah =/= Anti Iran
    Anti Hezbollah =/= Anti Muslim

    Anti Hezbollah = Anti Terrorist



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